Friday, January 4, 2013

December 24, 2012

Wow, everyone there has their hands full with a lot of different church positions, that really makes me happy to hear that :)
Ok so the mission field is 100x hotter then the MTC, right now I'm emailing from a little internet shack on the side of the road, haha - I didn't think I would be able to send pictures from here but it looks like I can but I didn't bring my camera so next week I will get you some pictures of my area - the beach (yup right next to the ocean here!) and pics of my comp, Elder Probst from Heber.  I really like him - he is a good worker and a nice kid.  Well, everything here stinks like open sewer - probably because I have to hop over one every 50 feet or so.  So the first day I got here the ATM ate my church issued debit card (they told me that happens very rarely) I was able to borrow money form Probst and then the office brought me some money out.  I have wrecked on my bike once so far, don't worry no ripped clothes just torn skin - which I boiled some water and washed out and treated just fine! remember I'm a mtn man! hahaha. Oh and some old lady at the vendor shop asked me if I needed an African wife, I was taken off guard for a minute then promptly told her I had a lovely "obruni:" date...that word means white and I hear it yelled at me all day from really old people to kids, mostly kids.  They love to fun up to me and touch my skin (awkward but I'm getting used to it)  It's tre or however you spell it however I'm starting to learn the language.
Now though all that stuff and more fish heads, things are really picking up spiritually.  We already have 4 baptisms dates (Jan 12) and everyday it seems like we have more investigators! One baptism date is for a 100 yr old woman who has practiced black magic and every other thing west of the Nile!  Pres Judd was very nice and Bishop Adams wrote me a very impressive letter (I need his mailing address)  We have had a few free meals but no cat yet!
Ok so tomorrow I will hopefully get my call to you around 10am which is 5pm for me.  I hope that works and I enjoyed the package of chocolate you sent (was that Christmas?) it was really good and I would love for more...lots more! :)  Well until tomorrow...I love you guys lots and can't wait to talk with everyone.
Elder Ray

ps - I will call the house number, if that fails I will try dad, mom or my old cell.

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