Friday, January 4, 2013

All Is Well December 31, 2012

Dear Mom,

and maybe I should say dear anyone else that reads this too :)
  I was worried I wouldn't have enough to say in 40mins, but that time did fly. I did hear you guys all say you love me, I'm just sorry i wasn't able to say goodbye to everyone there, like my sisters and grandma Russell and grandma & grandpa Ray. Make sure they all know I wanted too, and I'll write them all soon too.
 Well Christmas here was...hmm interesting. We worked as much as we could during the day, but lots of our appointments feel through because of people taking a holiday. We came home a little early so we could call home, then went to our first FM or free meal. it was fufu and bonku( yeah I thought diarhha tonight) then a little later we had another FM at a recent converts outdoor bar. It was really nice and while the radio was playing Don Henley's "Boys of Summer" came on - oh how nice it was to hear some 80s music, it was what I considered my gift(beside calling you guys) then even though we were full, the others were bound and determined to get to KFC, We caught a cho-cho or crappy little van bus thing and rode into town. The KFC was not like the ones in America. It was more like a 5 star restaurant and you paid like it was too. I got a zinger burger with a sundae- ate on the 3rd floor and enjoyed the AC, well I did the others were freezing.
And that was Christmas, with all the joys and everything.  The next day we did go it at an area 70s house far far away so it took up the whole day. they fed us very well and I got to see my buddies Ujafusha, Bay, and Ikoro from the MTC at the party. Hutch was not able to make it on account he was in the bush area and they don't get to come to the Christmas party for its 7 hrs away.
  Sounds like you guys have had a very wonderful Christmas, not only by the gifts you received but by the service you guys gave. I do want to see a picture of the clock mom got and the snow, oh and did you guys paint the kitchen too? I want to see haha. Thanks for feeding the missionaries. I realize how nice it is when members help them out now that I'm one of them. I wish I would have been more open to helping them when I was there and understand why, but it's ok now. What missionary knew me? Elder herria? or pederson? Tell them I said Hi and thanks for what they taught me.
 I love you guys and I'm so grateful that I have a loving family back home, who support me so well. I hope to get you all letters really soon, but for now you have my emails. Keep my action figure well fed and let him listen to the Who. I wish all the kids well as they get ready to go back to school and I wish mom and dad well as they take care of the family.
Love you guys all very much
~Elder Ray~
PS I starting to take my vitamins :), but I still suck at typing fast and spelling things correct.

Ok now on a different note...things I need. I really want pancake mix that stuff would be a life saver. Then is there packs of jelly you can send? It is hard to find here and extremely expensive. I really could use some here. the bread is amazingly good here and very cheap so some nice jelly would be awesome. Chocolate, like milky way or snickers anytime you can send me that I would love it to, not as big of a priority though as pancakes and jelly, but still needed. Soon I might need some more crystal light packs, I making the ones I have last, but they sure help with the nasty water taste. Some talks or stories about Porter Rockwell( not even other missioaries know about him) and a man named Dan Jones he sounds pretty cool and I don't know a lot about him.
Now the big thing that I really want....a MP3 player with some speakers. We have plenty of time to listen to music and this is what most kids are asking their parents for as well. nothing really fancy just as long as it works and it will have to have some small speakers. as long as it has a little usb cable I can charge it. As for the music....Mormon tabernacle of course with the good stuff like "come thy fount", "Down to the river to pray", "Amazing grace", "How firm a foundation", Hie to Kolob", Come come ye saints. those songs and others. also any Disney song is acceptable by mission rules. I would like Tarzan soundtrack, Hercules soundtrack, and the Lion King, and others as well I think you would know what to put on there. Movie soundtracks like the Legends of the Fall theme or the Last of the Mohicans theme, instrumentals like that are fine too so maybe if you have some favorite music as well add them on as well, I'd like the True Grit soundtracks especially the "leaning on the everlasting arms" its fine too because its a hymn. then don't freak out when I request this but 80s music, no before you get the wrong mind set the APs and office Elders as well as the other missionaries have plenty of country music or stuff like coldplay and Hannah Montana( no I don't want any that stuff) but light stuff like Bon Jovi's Lost highway or maybe something by Don Henley would be fine. they are calm and good meaning songs. Also If you can find songs that someone has just made a instrumental or violin cover they work too. Now I'm not saying stuff like AcDc or Judas priest, but maybe someone has done it to the Who or living on a prayer or light rock like that, you understand? I'm sure Bree can find stuff for this. I would really like the actual song Words of wisdom by the Beatles, I listened to that the other day at a members house. Oh and maybe some good talks too you can put on there. Ever heard the Mobster to Mormon guy? he has a really good story. Anyways that is my little thing for this week. as soon as you can send that mp3 player it would really help. you don't have to put all that music on there just want you feel would work and can, but try please!!!!! one more thing, were you still going to send me a tape recorder? just wondering.
Thanks for everything and for being willing to send me stuff still
love Elder Ray

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