Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fast and Furious - April 29, 2014

Last Monday was a hard one because with Easter all the shops in town were closed so we weren't able to really buy the things we wanted, but we got the things that were needed from the market side to survive for the week. I changed a little bit of money, thank you for that it was well needed. We then had a big football match against the next branch, missionaries and members combined. They knew I wasn't a fan of playing so they had already made me the coordinator for our branch. Funny making the kid who doesn't know how to play coach. You should talk to some kids from the soccer team and ask them for some pointers if you see them.
We can were hats in this mission(crushable hats) I was wondering if you could send me a fishing hat like Grandpa Ray always wore or like Henry Blake's from MASH, even with a few hooks and flys in it? its the only needed item I have on my list.
   We had to reschedule our baptism because of some water issues so it will happen on May 10th.
I am strong and healthy and still willing to work though I'm a slow writer easily distracted and probably won't send a full email this week, but I wrote a good amount for next week. It’s raining here and there are problems with my computer.
Besides I got to chat with you this week. So please tell Dad thanks for the shoes, sorry for Emmas lip, tell Kiki to enjoy school while it’s there, and send my greeting to Dalton. Please look for the hat it would be nice but most of all thanks for everything I love you tons and can’t wait to talk soon on Mother’s day. Bye!!!!!!!!!!


I'm pretty sure I will never see another picture of Elder Ray unless someone else takes it and happens to post it somewhere - he says the computers are super slow and he has heard stories about missionaries getting the SD card wiped clean by a virus HOWEVER I did find some pictures of him from before he left Ghana that are kind of fun :)
Before Elder Bednar spoke to the mission - what a great day for them!

This at a Zone Conference

These are the "funny" ones taken on the day Elder Bednar spoke to the Ghana Accra West Mission

Just a different "funny" - they work hard and play hard :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Death and Resurrection - April 21, 2014

So the last few Sundays I have bought cheesecake and made a district dessert for Sunday night while we listen to my old conference talks, this week was the same, but I'll be happy to get some new old talks -haha.
  Tuesday we went to a district meeting in another district then our own, just to see how things were going there. We had to give a small instruction, but their district leader there really gave a stellar lesson (maybe just because we were present ha, no he is a great guy.) It gave me a chance to socialize more with the missionaries around. I'm still the new guy, but old guy at the same time.
  Thursday as we were beginning our studies I noticed more ants running on our desk than normal. They had a trail leading to the window sill and I smashed a bunch right there and suddenly a good number came out. So I ran and got some spray we had and after a quick blast there were thousands pouring out under the window! We jumped back and moved the desks. My comp and I proceeded to fight a great struggle against the bugs and the battle waxed exceedingly sore- for the ants. Well great was the slaughter and soon we had a massive pile of chemical soaked ant bodies under the window. We finished studies in the front room.
   We have had a big focus on teaching and finding families this transfer. Elder Gherkins and I have been doing our best and we are seeing the blessing from it. The area has revealed good people including the "chief" of our district (there old tribe ways, but he is still very important in the community.)
  Sunday I had a good study with the book “Jesus the Christ”; it really had me thinking about Pilate and how much he tried to save Christ (as an innocent man) but yet yielded to the people and gave the order and about the man who helped Christ with his cross. I wonder really where these two people are today.
    Well time is up but these were the adventures of Elder Ray this past Easter week. Looking forward to some baptisms this Saturday so keep us in your prayers. Loved the pictures of the Passover meal - more on that next week.
With Love,
   Elder Ray

Monday, April 14, 2014

Not much, but it is good! - April 14, 2014

My computer and internet is giving me a good fight today so I'm going to just write you a few lines, sorry.
Your mention of the Congo students made me laugh because it’s true even when they are back in the US.
  We had one baptism this past week, young man who lives near our apartment. He asked me to baptize him and after the baptism I realized I hadn't actually gotten in the water since September! We almost didn't have a font because the branch decided to destroy the old font on Thursday to prepare for a new one! We went to a different chapel on Saturday which we were told had water, it didn't. Luckily right before the baptism a water truck came a pumped the font full.
  Me and Elder Gherkins have been enjoying, but working so hard at the same time. The missions focus is on families and we have been trying our best to find them.
And yes I got the package this morning. Everything was there from the money to the after shave to the sugar packages. Tell dad thanks for sending me his old tevas, I like them a lot.
That is really cool! Did he wave back or anything? Emma reminds me of those people a few years ago you could hear in conference yelling "we love you president Hinckley"
 (this last part was part of my email telling him that after his sister performed at the Jazz game we were under the tunnels and almost got ran over by Pres. Monson in a golf cart! Elder Ray's little sister yelled, "the Church is true!!")