Monday, January 14, 2013

Waters of Baptism - Jan 14, 2013

Well Family& Friends... 4 people went into the water and came straightway out of the water! IT was so amazing to finally be able to baptize people! The best part is that this Sat. we have 2 more getting soaked, plus hopefully by the middle of Feb. we will get 4 more! everything is going so well right now. We are teaching so many lessons at times we don't have time for all of them! then other times we run around looking for someone to teach, but all in all the work is going great!
  So I'm really starting to learn the languages better! Twi( tree) & Ga` are the big ones in my area. There is even some french around and other languages I don't even recognize. I have now revived a Twi name, Ga` name and even a french name, its Victor don't ask way but that one I can spell.So Every time someone asks me for money or tells me to take them with me to America. I just say I'm either Canadian or Germany then speak some random German words and they back off.
 Outside our compound there are about 10 kids always running around and they love to hang with us outside the apartment. In honor of the Lone Ranger movie I told them my name was Kemosabe and they always chant it to me day and night! When people ask for my native name, (whatever that is) I give them that Indian name haha. Story of the week: We were playing baseball with those kids( yeah a they had a baseball and 2 gloves, the only ones in Ghana!) Elder P. accidentally threw it on the roof and for the next hour I had kids climbing my back(since I was the tallest thing around) to try a reach the ball- it finally fell through the tin roof into someone's kitchen and we got it, though  was filthy dirty haha all in the days work I guess.
  I'm so glad to hear about the blessing you guys are receiving! hopefully with more hard work on my part they will continue :) I'm missing you guys, but I remember my purpose so I will get by, I will survive!
until the next time
love you all,
~Elder Ray~
P.s. I will watch for those packages, I really look forward to them. and thank you so much for working on that Mp3 player it will be a savior when it gets here. just remember that music I asked for. can't think of anything else I need.
P.p.s send Tyler my wishes and let him know how proud I am for him! :)
 the picture is of the 3 people I baptized Elder P. Lucia,Frances, me and Felix.

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