Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mission Tour - Jan 28, 2013

Dear Family,
 I'm trying to write this as fast as I can cause the power  keeps going out and deleting my nearly completed emails! It’s really making me quite mad right now.
 So anyways I'm so happy to hear about the Waymans. That’s quite a bitter sweet blessing for Gerald to get his kidney. It really is miracle and almost sounds like a story you'd hear in conference or something :)
  The Last week has been an experience. First our District leader Elder Chaffetz( the son of Utah representative) got promoted to AP. I really liked him though, mostly cause he and I liked the same bands( oh yeah the Who!) and even the same movies,  although he was more into grunge and punk music haha
 Then Tuesday we had a Mission tour. During which Elder C. Scott Grow of the 70 came to visit us. He gave a couple really good lectures on missionaries working hard in rough areas and focused a lot on reaching out to less active people. Also baptizing and holding those we do baptize to the church. This time was not only great because we got hear him as well as President & Sister Judd( which by the way have you been talking to her? she said "Elder Ray your mom says your such a happy missionary" just wondering if you had? :)
but also during the tour I was able to see some of my friends from the MTC including Elder Ujafusha, it was good to see them again.
 When we got home we found we had power (which had been off for the last day or so) but no water. We checked the pump which was working fine, however when we checked the poly tanks that hold all or water we found them to be dry! This meant we'd have no water for the next month. So for 4 days we bought little bags or pure water to cook, drink, and wash with. It was a pain and quite a hassle to deal with luckily the mission home found us a water truck and we have been saved and refreshed! :)
  That was my crazy week. We don't have any baptisms until the 2nd week in Feb. But there are a lot coming and we are teaching a lot of people every day. I'm also gaining a reputation as a historian out here. Everyone loves to ask me random dates to see what I know and I usually can answer haha. They are very surprised by my knowledge of church history- asking what happened here or to what person. So I think I'm finding my place :)
 Good luck and I wish everyone the best until next week!
Elder Ray

That Mp3 player sounds like it’s a beast. I also would like if you can get the “A team”theme song and National Geographic theme song on there. Another kid had the A team on his and it made me laugh, so I was just wondering if you could do that for me. plus don't forget the Legends of the Fall music and True Grit music too. Bree can probably pull those from youtube as well as instrumentals and covers of other songs. Mail comes in tomorrow so I'll see if the packages have arrived. Thanks and Love you :)

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