Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bike Race - January21, 2013

Dear Family~  Well yes my clothes are really starting to get big on my and fast! my pants and shirts swallow me up and I have had to punch lots of new holes in my belts.  I'm still staying very health and fit. Every night I weight lift with my cement and rebar weights., plus we bike and walk miles on end everyday so I'm doing great.
 I'm glad to hear that Tyler had a good farewell talk, I wish I could have been there, but it sounds kind of like I was  there-  haha.  I hope "I" got some ice cream and cake.
  I found this stuff called "fanice" which is sorta like an extremely creamy ice cream, it’s ok I'll take any ice cream here. I buy a fanta orange and make I nice orange cream shake! I have really enjoyed yam and sweet potato. They put a really spicy salsa on it which isn't bad.
  So last night I raced some punks while I was on my mountain bike and somewhere through the city I lost my name tag and white handbook. Nothing important money wise, but hopefully I'll have a new one in a week. I don't wear dad’s tag for that very reason, though I did at the MTC and my teachers were impressed by it and now they want to give their tags to their kids one day.
 Don't worry about the worms I'm drinking good clean water and even taking my garlic pills, plus before you go home the mission doctor gives everyone DE-worming medicine just so that there is no problem.
So I have a plug that has an end for the usb to go into so that should work just fine, thats what everyone else does for theirs. My adaptor/convertor is working awesome! it’s a beast and the other kids are impressed by it power(all I do with it is charge the camera, which yes I'm taking a lot of picture, but this computer barley lets me send one or 2 at a time. if that card fills I can put my picture on my flash drive you gave me too.
Well everything is good here in Ghana! Pray that the Ghana Black Stars win the African football cup or there may be riots in the streets plus we bet ten referrals on the game haha.
 ~Elder Ray~
P.s. if you get a recorder just get what ever one will you think will work the best for shipping and using wise. plus dalton and Moms & dads letters are coming together soon, like in the mail already.

Taylor and his dad like to take songs and change the words so each week they send one to each other - this is Taylor's latest ( done to The Who song - Teenage Wasteland)

   So I thought about this during the week-
Out here in the field( the mission field that is)
I farm for my meals( the field is white for harvest & I might start a tomato plant)
I get my back into my living( everyday from 10am to 930 pm)
I don't need to fight, to prove I'm right( fight with Jehovah witness)
We just need to pray and be forgiven yeah yeah yeaah!
Until next week
~Elder Ray~

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