Monday, January 14, 2013

Upcoming Baptisms-Jan 7, 2013

I have learned so much from my parents, things you just don't learn from anywhere or anyone else. its funny you mention this because in my handwritten letter to you I talk a great deal about this, so I'll expound even more on this subject there. For now please know that you have taught me some of the greatest things I know.
   Now, last Tuesday I finally got my Christmas package from the family! it made it safe and sound, just a couple weeks late. Thank you guys so so much for all the uplifting letters and presents! the pez candy didn't last very long though :) and that Ink pen! I love it! I have pen using it everyday and soon you'll have some letter from me written with it. So you can  send multi packages at a time, but they my arrive weeks apart, that's what the office told me.
  Hopefully if you send the mp3 player it will just take a little while for it to get here, and I don't think I can get speakers for it here sorry. could you also add the lion king, tangled, and billy joel on it oh and maybe some john williams music, like jurassic park or stuff like that? as long as you think that would be fine. And some talks if you can? Neal a Maxwell or Hugh b Brown have some good ones. just some ideas.
 Yeah isn't that cool the Dan Jones guy? steamboat captain, missionary, and Manti mayor! is there any bios or teachings about him or Porter you could send to me? I wonder if they ever teach spiritual things on porter haha?
   So have you heard anyone else to get their calls since I have left? when do those Richfield & Gunnison boys come out? oh and something else I have been wondering, how did people react when the world didn't end back in Dec 21?
  So there are 4 baptisms coming up this Saturday. 2 brothers Frances& Felix. Frances I now have given two blessings to and he is doing very well and seems to have recovered. they are awesome golden converts and have been amazing to teach. One is a lady whose whole family is LDS and she has finally made the step to be baptized. the last has been a little tricky. she is a 80? or 90? year old women who doesn't speak english only french and doesn't remember any of her info. but we got it worked out with her :) then we have 4 more dates out there, 2 for the end of the month and 2 at the first of Feb. so things are zooming on along right now.
 I do believe I'm growing and shrinking right now. I am reading the BoM like never before and discovering things I only thought where in the pagaent haha jk. but really I have learned so much from the BoM, which President Judd tells us to focus on so much. physically I'm shrinking everyday, I know it because I feel like it and people( like investigators) tell me it. We did get a curling and bench bar with weights from a local member...its a big piece of re-bar with cement molded on the ends I'll get you a picture. the locals were impressed that I could lift with it so well :)

Well I hope everything is going well( sorry to hear about the pipes) and try to stay warm, I did leave you a lot of firewood :) Thanks for everything and I love you all and miss you all so much.
Elder Steven T. Ray

Ps. this maybe a little hard but, could you get me or find me I should say Levi's mission mailing address, Blake's and David Swensons, Micheal Lutes, and Jordan Mackey's, plus Andrew Brown? thanks I feel I should say something to these brethren
pictures this week first is the local natives fishing

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