Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 18, 2012

Just a little explanation:  Both mom and dad emailed Taylor so he could just do one email. Also, we as a family bought an action figure that is a missionary and we are taking it with us places kind of like "flat Stanley" and taking pictures, etc.

So I guess I'm talking to both Mom & Dad in this Email? That’s fine it might work better that way. I love all the pictures you sent me, the one with the truck really helped. It’s hard to describe what my truck really looked like without just talking about a monster truck :)

  Ok you'll need to send me a picture of the Charlie Brown tree you but up. That sounds so funny. I helped but a tree up here at the MTC the other day. Nothing much, Christmas is really not that big of a deal here in far at least. The only lights that I have seen up are from some night club across the field from here, great right?! J Good to hear from Landon too< I was thinking about football the other day (the American kind) and it brought back a lot of really good memories :)

I'm sending a letter; I just keep adding and adding to it so hopefully I'll get it out soon. The letter should allow me to be more emotional (as much as I can be :P) and more detailed then these emails. But I really appreciate everyone thinking of me out here, I know I'm thinking of everyone back home too. I love you guys and God be with you.

~Elder Ray~

PS I like the little missionary, but he doesn’t look nearly as good as me, right? Oh and I leave here on Wednesday!!!!

I for some reason I forgot to mention this in the message earlier, but Happy Birthday mom! I know it was yesterday, but here it is. I hope you enjoyed the singing and food. I thought about it being your birthday all day and was thinking of sending you something, if I do you might get it in April :) Well anyways Happy Birthday <3

Taylor outside the Accra temple - it is about 20 miles from the MTC

 Taylor and the boys  - not sure what the hand signs mean but I'm sure there is a story behind it.

 in a classroom in the MTC
 eating fufu - must be a little messy
 Taylor and his new friend Elder E from Missouri - he is going to Liberia

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