Thursday, February 7, 2013

No Power, No Problem - February 4, 2013

Dear Mom & Family,
  So last week we had no water, well this week brought with it a new electricity for 5 days which also meant no water again! haha The apartment we are in is really not a Marriott hotel unless those are full of spiders, malaria , & cockroaches too.
  We should have had power, but our little meter box on the house was spoiled( anytime anything breaks they say spoiled, I'll probably be saying that for awhile when I come home too) we called the mission electrician and he said he was "coming"( which in Africa means a couple days or not at all) So once again I spent a lovely week without water, sweating to death at night, and having all my nice tomatoes and fruit go bad in the fridge. I was a little upset because I bought a really big mango but had to throw it out because of the power-outage. Something that is really not bad out here is the bananas & mango, they are fresh and extremely sweet to the taste...maybe close to what Lehi's fruit was, then I always imagined a holy white pear for the fruit he saw in his dream.
  The mission tour got us out of one day of teaching, but only just that, though it was really worth it. Oh and guess what next week we just found out that Elder Quentin L Cook is coming for a fireside! I'm really excited cause now I'll have met 3 apostles( L Tom Perry at the Pageant and Robert D Hales at stake Conference.) So I'll be sure to let you know how everything goes with that.
 I got the Jesus sticker covered packages and they both came together. So maybe those stickers worked? Thanks so much for the pancake mix, it will be put to use right away so get another ready ;) I'll find a use for the seasoning too even the top ramen one...was that Dad who put that in? Thank Uncle Curtis for me and I don't know but could he/you get me cheese? even just cheese sauce powder like that comes with mac & cheese. Oh and chicken wings wouldn't be bad :P - maybe sauerkraut & horseradish sauce? Anyway thanks for all the stuff you sent me, it was really quite something to celebrate( even the other missionaries were worked up about it.
 Well I'll be hacking through the African wilderness keeping myself clean & health, looking for those the Lord has prepared for me
Elder Ray :)

PS did you get the picture of my emails & did you send the MP3 player yet? Just so I can keep my eyes out for it. If not see if you can find president Judd's 2010 conference talk a download it on there along with Bruce R McConkies last Conference talk( I hear its an amazing one) Thanks

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