Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Training! - April 2, 2013

Dear Mom,

Yesterday was Easter Monday and I guess that just happens to be the biggest thing ever in Ghana. It’s the day everyone rest from their labors and work, take a nice trip to the beach with friends and hold massive parties all through the night. Not exactly remembering the resurrection of our Christ. We didn't get this message and just avoided getting caught in the crowds and party goers. The only problem was that all the cafes were closed and then that night light went off- not a surprise for Ghana.
  Anyway last Monday I never got a call so all day Tuesday it was on the back of my mind, mostly just cause Elder H. kept mentioning it and how the ZL's had talked to me. So Tuesday Elder O and I went to the orphanage and taught some lessons there - then when we were finished we filled their water tanks and headed for home. But turned out I didn't get the call that night, needless to say I was bummed.
   Wednesday I went on splits with Elder H.( surprise, Surprise) and we went to a different orphanage, one that is in his area and owned by members from Idaho. Their son is 18 and volunteers there and we go help him out every now and then. This week the whole family was in Ghana so we went by to say hi and soon found ourselves in with them helping build shelves and benches for the place. It was really, really fun and we spent most of the day working there. On the way home we were walking when we got a call from President Judd! He had called looking for me and gave me the new assignment of being a senior companion and a trainer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I was so excited and of course I was extremely nervous. I mean I'm still pretty young on a mission (being 4 months the day he called) so I felt a little hesitant about taking it, but now I'm so very very happy and tomorrow is the big day. I leave Kasoa earlier(5:45) that way I can be in Accra by 9:00 then we will get our trainees or “sons" as they call them. Even Elder P. didn’t believe me when I called him haha! It’s going to be way cool. I might get the kid from Richfield or if the Gunnison kid is in this MTC I might get him( that would be Interesting huh?) Well the computer is failing so I'll hurry and send this. Thanks for everything and when I go into the mission home tomorrow I'll look for the package...if it’s there.
Love you
    your son
   Elder Ray :)
 Thankfully Elder Bay uploads pictures to his parents and I can get a few of Taylor - Baptism for Zoe and Jonathan

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