Monday, April 8, 2013

Work to do - April 8, 2013

Dear Mom,

So I'm now a father! In a mission sense I am hahaha. My Companion is Elder M. he is from Pennsylvania. He is a pretty darn spiritual kid. I'm beginning to feel what Elder P. went through with worry about training. Elder P. is really excited I'm training and so are a lot of my friends out here. We are not going to have an easy time here though. The area has been neglected  and now I'm basically starting from scratch out here - lots of finding and knocking around. The ward doesn't help us a lot, but we'll change that!
    Transfers also brought a lot of changes to the Kasoa apartment. Elder S.(Elder B.’s companion) went to Office Elder. Elder O. is gone,but then I was extremely depressed when Elder H. was transferred. Me and him really became close and things sure are different without him. I'll probably not see him again. Luckily his replacement is Elder S. from Wyoming. Me and him already knew each other back at the first of my mission. I'm really happy he has come, though he goes home in August, which will be depressing. And then Elder B. stayed and you can't beat that. His new companion is going home this transfer.
  That is way cool they talked about West Africa in Conference! It will be some time until we get to watch it out here. Salt lake has to make copies of the sessions then send them to the Area Offices where they make copies for all the wards and branches. Then we will watch it with them at the chapel. You'll probably be able to send me the Ensign edition before I can even watch it. haha Elder Uchtdorf knows just how it feels to be a missionary hear in Ghana now or at least the light off part haha.
 Oh and those cream crackers are nasty, we did this lady get them? Tell Grandma I got her package and I loved it! it was just what I needed that day.
  I'll try to get some pictures to you today, its just difficult! But Elder B. showed me the message you sent his mom hahaha. She wrote you back as well, but don't worry I'll get you some pictures! And what is my mission blog site? Elder S. wants to know so his mom can see all the missionaries in this area, maybe you can get a hold of her.
 Thanks again for everything, I'm sorry I haven't been writing the best, but I'm trying.... the same is with the pictures.
But as always I hope everyone knows that I love them and appreciate the love they show me. I might have a few white hairs at the end of this, but it will all be worthwhile.
So love from your son,
  Elder Steven T. Ray

P.s I'd Love old church magazines! I think that is a really good Idea. also when you send the next package I need more drink mix, I have run out. Oh and yes I did pull a little personal money last Monday.

P.P.S The name of the volunteer place is  Maybe if you can get a hold of the family who runs it you can mention me and they might know me! Check my Hotmail email, I think they may have sent pictures of me working at the orphanage.

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