Monday, April 15, 2013

Walking and walking - April 15, 2013

Dear Mom,

It has been a long, long week here in Kasoa! I have walked well over 8 miles every day just finding people to teach. Like I have said before, my area is massive! You can fit entire zones inside my area alone! That is just how big my Kasoa 2 area is and there are 7 other area in the Kasoa zone, just to kinda give you an idea of the size we are working in. But all that finding has been paying off. Last week I'd have been very doubtful if you'd asked me about any baptisms for April. Now I can say I have found a few for not only this month but the next one after! With that I also have people to go see during the week and we have only touched 8 miles into our area. The future is starting to look pretty good, but still not easy.
  Elder M. is doing better this week then last. He getting use to the food( which is always one of the hardest things to get over.) Though he doesn't seem too bothered by the heat- I'm not sure how because at least for me that was one of the hardest things and still at times is a hard thing to cope with. He has gotten sick a few times which is not surprising at all because everyone gets sick, even the older missionaries do.....Well not everyone gets sick, because I still have been just fine( I say this as I'm knocking on wood) I have not even touched any of my Medicine, except to give to other Elders. I really feel blessed in health out here because I have watched so many kids around me get sick and it does not look fun at all.
  We actually ended up dropping the Orphanage this past week. They just lived to far away and we were paying for them to come every week which we are not supposed to be doing. The lady was serious at first but has since shown us she isn't ready to give up her old life. We will still go and teach every now and then but they have been officially dropped. It was sad though because I'd hoped for the best with them. We have since gotten some really awesome investigators who love the church. This older man we are teaching has even mentioned how he can get me some gold and even my own gold mine here in Ghana :D haha  First I think I'll just work on baptizing him.
  Beside all the walking there hasn't been much out of the unusual going on. Elder B’s mom sent him a package with items so we could hold an Easter Egg hunt at the Apartment. It was a really fun morning and we got a ton of candy! She is a super awesome lady. Also I found an old run down hotel way off the beaten path and the funny thing was its name is The Canadian Lodge. I really wonder how many Canadians have stayed there, but they had the maple leaf flag above the door so I think I'll do a little contacting there later this week. :)
   So I'll continue trekking all over Ghana, because there are people to be found and baptized, plus it can make me feel like an explorer traveling though some land no white man has been before and meeting the natives haha I'm tired but for the most part I'm doing just fine.
  So Thank you so much and I can't wait to read more of those talks from Conference and one day I might even be able to watch it! But for now I'll just take what I've got and say I love you.
  Your Son,
*Elder Steven T. Ray*

Please tell Grandma Ray I have received both her letters and I'm just waiting for a chance to send one back to her...and Grandma Russell. Also if you can find a way please tell Nathan Wayman the same thing. I have a letter for him I just need them to pick up my mail! Maybe just tell him to email me since now that its totally fine to do.

We will have the chance to Skype home and so we need to setup a time for when you would like to do that, I'm assuming you would like to do that right? :)

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