Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Working hard - April 22, 2013


First of all I heard about the Texas Explosion and the bombing at Boston. We can pick up the VOA on the radio if you position ourselves just right. Me, Elder Bay and Elder Smith have enjoyed doing that. It sounds terrible and I guess they will find out more about it as they talk to the suspect. I am happy to hear that they were able to catch him. On the radio I heard some really great stories( a few sad) about people helping others doing the chaos.
  Anyway, as for the mission: The elderly man we were working with has postponed his baptism, because right now he likes his church, but wants us to continue to come and read the Book of Mormon with him. So hopefully we will get him in the end or at least he will get himself. I will though if all goes right this week have two baptisms, which I really didn't think I'd get any again this month. One is a really sweet girl who was referred to us by the 1st counselor in the ward( Bro Larbie is his name and is one of the coolest guys I've met on a mission.) The other person is a young boy I met while finding and if he continues like he is now by this time next year he'll be on a mission. I hope so anyway. Then we are just working on a few kids for next month and then start looking towards the month of June. Something tells me I might be here in Kasoa until August. If things start improving, that won't be a problem though.
  This week has been another extremely hot week in Ghana and I even turned red a few days (but never bad).  Today though we have had some cloud roll in, but I don't think they'll produce much rain of any sort. Everyone that I ask tells me the rains will come in either May, June, July, or August. Actually that is the only month people agree on is August so I might be waiting for quite some time until I get some good rain.
  My companion is doing pretty good, his is still learning Ghana the hard way, but is the best way. The ward is starting to help a little bit more but not much. The only real good support we get is in Fm( free meals) and Bro Larbie. He is about 45 years old. He lives at the far end of our working area and really enjoys us coming over. He lost his wife about a year ago to cancer and is now raising the sweetest little girls. I really like this man and he is helping me out a ton. We have moved to biking more now that way we can cover more ground from appointment to appointment which is a good thing.
   So that is how the work is looking right now, if anything life in Kasoa is getting better, but is still far from great. Though I can definitely feel the influence from my family back home and I thank you guys for that. Also I’m so happy for my friends out here in the mission field; Elder Probst, Elder Hurley, Elder Smith and of course Elder Bay.  Anyway love you guys and thanks for the prayers( I need them) and I'll talk to you next week.
Elder Steven T Ray
P.S. That is way cool about the Ghanian singer. I tell you it can be hard to understand them and just as hard for them to understand you. Was he LDS cause I might have met him before which would be even stranger!
 And did you guys get a hold of Nathan Wayman....tell him to email me please. Thanks.

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