Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Love Baptisms!! - April 29, 2013

Dear Mom,
This week I remembered what that great feeling was again. That feeling that really makes you feel accomplished and happy to be a missionary. Not the feeling of mail from home or letters from girls (though I love mail, especially from you guys :), I don't know what it’s like for the latter one.) I'm talking about Baptizing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah we had a baptism this month and I'm so freckin happy right now. Everything went well and the man is now in God's hands. He is a 19 year old boy named Emmanuel. He is crazy about the church and is always talking about wanting to serve a mission now. Hopefully that one day will happen. I'd send some pictures right now, but the internet is moving really slow at the moment.
  Also next month isn't looking too bad either. We have been finding and teaching for a good month now and have some really good people we are teaching we might even have some baptisms in two weeks, which would only be even better. A few young kids and then two older girls or the ones I'm talking about.
  The ward is doing better. Finally called a ward mission leader, so the work there so start picking up. A few members have also been happy to help has in everything from referrals to Free meals. Bro Larbie has done both for us and is probably one of my favorite members I've met on a mission. Doesn't matter what we are doing he is always willing to help out the missionaries.
  This week in Ghana: Not too much out of the ordinary doing the first part of the week. Went on splits with Elder Smith for Baptism interviews on Thursday. But then Friday we got hit by a massive storm. Big enough it kept us inside for the day or at least the morning. We ran around in it( me, Bay, and Smith) then showered with the rain as well. Later in the evening it cleared up and we were able to go into Accra for a big Choir show. We had to take an investigator as part of the deal. It was at the Ghana National Theater and the performers were the BYU-I choir with a few local choirs. I was able to see Elder Probst for the first time since I left him. It was really nice. Then Elder Hurley showed up and there was much rejoicing. Me, Him, and Bay sat by each other to watch the show. As for the show it was really good. Though Hurley and I were disappointed the choir didn't sing Toto's Africa....maybe that would have been too perfect. Saturday was another normal day except I went a little crazy for coke and drank 4 of them. I'm not sure what overcame me but I did it and might do it again some time, though I really have only been drinking water and a Fanta every now and then. Early today we had light off and we decided to have a water balloon fight. Elder Smith had a ton of them sent from his Mom so we filled them up and enjoyed. We now have city water once more so we are a little more free with the water usage.
  So that has been the little on my week in Ghana. Things were a lot better this week then they have been in a long time. Thank you for the Prayers and the package :) That sure helped brighten my day. Though where did the ties come from? I do like them both and the one is a Donald Trump one, which is cool- if you guys ever run upon some more cool ones I'm always in need.
Anyway I love and appreciate all the support from home I get. Thanks.
 Love from your happy son,
Elder Steven Taylor Ray
PS I showed Bro Larbie Facebook so he could see Utah and my family. He is way cool and I'll talk more on him next week, but for now you can accept the request, but hold on the suggestions.
If you guys could make me a Skype account, that would help a lot. Just tell me what the name is and password when you make it.
I'll try to call you for a little bit on Sunday, but then Monday will be the day we all go into Accra for the Skype. They have a really nice internet cafe there. I might call you first then when you get my number I'll hang up and you can then call me back and we'll talk for a longer time. That's what Smith told me to do. I'll probably call around the 3 or 4 for my time. Would that work?
Ok I have to run, I just heard some people need my help with dinner. So I'll talk to you next week.
I love you bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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