Thursday, March 28, 2013

Getting ready for the "Split" - March 25, 2013

Dear Mom,

It has turned out to be quite the golden contact. This past week we went back a couple of times to teach them. They have accepted everything we have taught them and have and some really good questions that again I was able to help them understand. If they continue to keep living the things we have taught we should have our own little Day of Pentecost here in Ghana! Haha At least we'll be able to have a couple baptisms next month. This month was a little challenging for us. We missed our goal by a few people, so we are really looking forward to next month. Tonight and tomorrow president is calling trainers for the big MTC group that is coming and my district leaders have kinda hinted towards me as a possible trainer... :D Though it is a bit of a stretch, but a very high possibility! Also next week is transfers and I'm really really looking forward to that day for a couple different reasons.... The way things are going both Elder B and I have been sent to this side so we can prepare for the mission split. We will be in the new mission, which actually sounds way cool. It would be way crazy if I trained or even became a senior companion this early! But the Zone leaders have hinted at the idea I might be one or the other. With the new mission forming I think they will need a lot of younger guys to take over from the older “dying” missionaries. I'm not sure where the new headquarters will be, but they are having quite the run around trying to find more apartments for all the new missionaries coming out.
 In other news the weather continues to be faithful at its commitment to burn us to the bone and sounds like there isn't much change in the forecast. We have had light off 5 nights this past week and plenty of it during the day as well. We have been told that things will be getting worse, though we haven't been told the reason. Also there are still massive water shortages and gas shortages all over the country. Me & Elder B. went on splits for a whole day trying to get gas, so luckily we have been able to get gas and water this past week. So maybe if you guys could send some electricity, it would help -haha!
  The same day I went on splits with Elder B we went down to a beach area to find some kids we were teaching. There we found a beach resort!!! Some many white people it was really scary and I was confused. I hadn't seen some many since I was in JFK haha and the reality there was maybe 30 or 40 altogether.  We had some time to look at the rasta art stores where I bought some cool carvings and clothes. Then we ordered a couple real fruit smoothies and found a porch overlooking the beach and ocean- it was something from a movie, made with bamboo and grass roof. It was seriously a paradise! While we were enjoying this a white boy came up and to see if we were missionaries. He was a member from the UK and is here doing volunteer medical training. It was a strange encounter, but I'm happy we were there.
 There is the excitement I had in Ghana this past week. It has been a pretty fun week. I was able to go on splits with Elder B, which we never thought would happen. Me and Elder H. had a good week too teaching and what not, since we are pretty much companions. Also there is a pile of dirt/cement/sand in the front yard and we have begun turning the top of the apartment’s roof into a fortress with the muddy mixture- it’s going to look awesome. The guys didn't believe I was such a pro at throwing axes/hatchets/knifes and what have you- so while I was on the roof I threw a machete (here they call it a cutlass) clear across the yard and cut a tree right in half! The tree was really green, but I still felt pretty good about the throw- haha.
Through all this craziness we still have plenty of time for the spiritual matters too, so don't think we don't get some work done- haha. I really liked that quote by Neal A Maxwell (who wouldn't like him, right?) It reminds me that if I want to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands I better as well make myself worthy to be one. I read his talk "Put your shoulder to the wheel" from 1998 general conference (It was the 1998 April Ensign I found in our apartment) It reminded me on the importance of hard work and finding blessings through it! I loved it and maybe you could send that one on the SD card too.
Anyways thanks for all your love and prayers. No matter how hot or rough the day is It makes it worth it knowing I have a great deal of support back home. Thanks for everything and I hope you all have a happy Easter.


Elder Steven T. Ray.
Elder Ray at the ocean - Not sure if this is "I Love You" or "Rock on" - thanks to Elder Bay for the picture!

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