Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6, 2013

Dear Mom,
It seems as the weather improves in Utah it also improves here in Africa. This past week we once again were blessed with another intense rainstorm. We woke up and it was a little over cast with some clouds, not to unusual in the morning, the clouds tend to burn away as the day really heats up. But then out of nowhere it got super dark and the wind come blowing in real strong. the next thing we knew there was an intense rainstorm flooding our yard. This time we were prepared and avoided our rooms flooding again. I'm not sure if it can be called a blessing because it did stop us from working that day and I don't think that really counts, but we still were happy with the storm.
   I am doing a lot better. The was one of the more happier weeks since the last transfer and things might finally be looking good for the next little while. We have 3 baptisms planned for this upcoming Sunday. That will make four in the last 3 weeks which is awesome! Not much help from the ward still but we do have some good people we are working with, the only hard thing about a few of them is getting them to come to church. This is probably one of the hardest things when getting someone ready for baptisms, even more challenging then helping them understand Kolob. Elder Moyer is still learning - he is a very good kid and I'm happy to be training him.
  I was reading a history of Elder Bay's Great grandfather who at the age of 17 or 18 ran away from home and worked from a railroad-man, miner, river-man, logger(lumberjack), and rancher in Canada. It sounded so awesome and fun and made me wish I'd been born a hundred years earlier. And it really inspired me to think about doing this. Also I was thinking a lot on some things grandpa said before I left. He was talking about extended family in Montana and how he might be able to get me a job up there....maybe with the forest service. I could go and live up there during the summer after I got back. So maybe next time you see him or grandma, test out how possible that would be.
  You guys just barley put gas in the black Suburban? Man it sat there for a long time (almost 6 months.) Kierra did tell me she doesn't want to drive it, which I'm fine with. How is the new garden space going in the backyard? I have been thinking of putting in a garden here at the apartment as well. We have a ton of room for it, the only problem would be by the time it would start to grow I'd be transferred.
Well I guess I'll be talking a lot with you this Sunday and then even more on Monday. What time did we decide for on Sunday? Anyways I'll save the rest for Mother’s day. In the meantime I hope all is well and let it be known that I'm not doing too bad myself. :)

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