Monday, November 11, 2013

Total Eclipse of the Heart, in Ghana - Nov. 4, 2013

Despite the heat and a good number of near taxi "run-ins" it was another successful week down on the African continent.
   Tuesday- We had a great Alliance Assembly or what most call DCM, names don't make much difference there. I took a break from my high doctrine Old Testament lessons and gave Elder J a time for speaking points, he did very well. Elder J and I later went on splits to pick up gas for the apartment. We do most cooking with a little natural gas stove and have two tanks which we all pay to keep filled.  After we paid to fill it we found out that a local member has offered to start buying gas for the whole mission, no small chore but that is a very noble thing to do for us.
  Wednesday- Woke up, worked out( just push ups and sit ups, Lilo took the weights) and went into study hours before leaving. Did our normal teaching rounds near the chapel. After the open house we had a few people to follow up on, though most are not as serious as we hoped. Later that evening we attended a birthday party for a youth in the ward. It was a nice event, they had us lead hymns (not the normal birthday music) and then give inspirational thoughts and advice. Then I was chosen to be the cork popper with the sparkling cider. 
  Thursday- I went to a special edition of MLC( mission leadership council or something to that effect.) I went with Elder Thornhill a DL form a nearby district here in Kasoa. Cool guy and is in the same MTC as Probst was which is about 6 months ahead of me. All the DLs and ZLs got together for this to discuss certain items going on in the mission. I was thinking it would be more drama, but it was mostly just talking about teaching standards, baptism interviews and leadership responsibilities. Got home rather late but still went up to see the D. Family, they are doing well.
   Friday & Saturday- Taught a very strange man, he just asked questions from some anti-Mormon website that he read from his laptop (not many investigators just pull those things out here.) Nothing I couldn't really handle and even confounded him on baptisms for the dead. Going back this week to see what we can teach him. Taught 8 lessons on Saturday night.
  Sunday- we finally got to watch General Conference or pieces of it during the 3 hours of church. Something was wrong with the copy because everyone had high pitched voices, like they'd all sucked in helium. President Uchtdorf’s was the best, though we still enjoyed the portions we saw. After the service everyone went outside to watch the solar eclipse. It was pretty cool, though the day didn't turn to night and mist cover the land, we still got a strange eerily light over the countryside, as when a wildfire make the sun into an orange haze.
  We then added another party that evening at our neighbor’s house in our compound- it was to celebrate a type of family reunion and why not invite the only white guys around haha, no we are good friends and have been teaching the family. So they loved for us to come over and eat, it was a fun day all in all.
  This week the mission is having temple trips and interviews. We don't go until Friday so we have a bit to wait. I heard we will be watching the new video at the temple, which is exciting. Besides that transfers will be next Wednesday and from the sound of it I most likely leave. So this may just be my last week here in Kasoa. No regrets as I press on through the next few days and with a stout heart I look towards tomorrow.
    All the best from Africa
          With love,
     Elder Steven T Ray

Sorry this is a week late, I was out of town and couldn't figure out how to post it from my Kindle!

Also Elder Ray has informed us that the Mission office is paying for any extra duties that might be charged for Christmas packages, SO if you want to send anything, now is the time because he will not have to pay anything on his end.
THANK YOU to the Mission Office!!!!! 
This picture is from Elder and Sis Wall's blog:   They know a family in our town and were teasing Elder is an excerpt from their blog: "One of these Elders is from Ephraim and I said that the beautiful Larsen sisters from Ephraim were going to view this blog. He blushed and smiled"   It's just so fun to actually see pictures of Elder Ray so we are thankful for the wonderful couple missionaries that watch over our son!!!

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