Monday, November 25, 2013

So Great a Cause - Nov 25, 2013

I started the week off by just finding new people to teach or otherwise I just white washed everything because all the people we were left with were not serious or 'ready for the gospel." 
   Tuesday I had my first district meeting with the new group here in the LAterbokoshie District. The Zone leaders had to leave to another district but I still had 6 others to have some fun running around in the scriptures with. Taught mostly on our work as missionaries to work hard and continuously. Using one of my favorite scriptures, D&C 128:15 "Shall we not go on in so great a cause?"
  During most of the week we were working near Brother D's house. He is a cool recent convert who really helps us, really the only ward member who helps us out. The rest of the ward is really nice on Sunday and then they all go  into hiding until the next Sunday.
   A few of our new investigators include a former Jehovah witness and her daughter, they are pretty cool. though they will keep you on your toes with random scriptures that really mean nothing to the lesson. For the most part we haven't had any success in finding and tracking though we will keep on doing it this week until I have knocked every door, shouted down every alley, and spoke to every shack.
  Thursday and Friday I went on splits to do interviews for the different members of my district and got to see how their areas are in rough shape too. Kanashie Zone is in the heart of Accra and has always had a rough time baptizing and growing. It opened my eyes to see that not everywhere is flowing with milk and honey like Kasoa was or even Labadi - my first area. 
  Sunday just before I left for church the 1st counselor called and asked if I'd speak in Sacrament meeting for only 20 minutes, "yeah sure buddy, are sure you only want it for 20 minutes?" Well I spoke on missionary work and used a lot from my farewell talk, like the part about the Redwood trees supporting each other. The ward members loved that part and after wards a lot stayed to congratulate me. One my even brought us his 11yr old daughter who needs to be baptized, I told him I could help him with that. :)
   This place as well as a mission are so very wearying on the body and mind. As I remembered to going on in this cause of the Lord's I remembered a quote by President Spencer W Kimball "My life is like a shoe, worn out by service." As it is so for us missionaries and members to work unceasingly for as there is no rest for the wicked, the saints most continue work steadfastly and ever so diligently. That is exactly what I plan on doing here now and for the next year to come.
  Your faithful son,
     Elder Steven T Ray

Grey and Black pants.
any herbal health books I could give to Larbie( he is looking forward to those.)
2 bottles of Sweet baby Ray's BBQ sauce or the the jack daniels kind.
more Uno bars
"The Unknown God" by Mark E Petersen

I did take out the money on those dates and I got a package a few weeks ago with some cowtails and Uno bars in it, I haven't seen the OE's for awhile so they may have my other packages.

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