Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Drowning From Blessings Poured From on High-Oct 28, 2013


Those pictures from home made me really miss the Autumn season and all the wonderful changes in brings like cool weather, leaf colors, and eventually the nice early season snow( not that crap we get in February and March.) The Dry season is upon us. Right now the temperature is 33c and doesn't change whether its 3 in the afternoon or morning. Nice thing is with the hot Sahara winds the humidity goes away and it’s much more like a hot day back home.
   Can't believe how fast October came and has gone. I remember thinking back on my birthday how Dad's would be next but not for about two months and now it past! Good pictures, nice to see you guys enjoying despite the fuzz behind you. I bought a large sun hat made from reeds which is about the size of that sombrero. We don't wear them for two reasons: 1- Missionaries don't wear hats, 2 - only The JW wear them around here( makes them easy to spot.)
  Speaking of missionary wear Zone Leaders just told us we are not allowed to proselyte with backpacks anymore. It’s from the Area Presidency and only reason I can think of is because it looks more professional to have a side bag or normal scripture bag. No problem, because I haven't used a backpack to proselyte since day one. They are too hot and can spoil you shirts with the sweat and dirt, though I use mine just for temple trips and large ZT and MC when I have to pick post.
  We had an Open house for our Ashtown ward on Saturday. President Hill, Office Elders and nearby Kasoa and Iron city districts all came to help bring people from the street to tour and learn about the Church. Got about 120 people to leave their name, number, and where they stay. They could come and see posters and ask questions on general doctrine, plus pick up a Book of Mormon all free!!!!(it’s always free but it makes good marketing.) I got to go on splits with Pres. while we were contacting people to 'Come and See"(Jn 1 43-51) so I put in some good work with him.
  On Sunday the D. Family beat us to church for the first time( I'm a hard guy to beat on time) and were all confirmed members. I got to confirm the youngest, G. who is 11, while ward members did the rest. 3 new investigators from the open house came as well as the French man( whose name is J.) After a week with the BoM he has read from page one, through the testimonies, all the way to chpt. 8 and is about ready to explode from excitement. I love the book as well I wish everyone had this man’s enthusiasm.
  This week should be a good one packed with lots more teaching and tracking because we are baptizing all of our investigators before we get more! On Thursday all DLs and ZLs are going to the temple side/Area office to get instruction and training. This is the first time all of us have come together so might be something big.
  Transfers are coming in two weeks and my training of this padawan will be over. Him and I are doing great and working awesome together. Most likely I'll leave, but going off tradition I'll probably just stay and finish my mission here, which at this point I wouldn't mind.
 The ward is so close we are family and they treat me like it. Bishop is always telling me he'll tell President to leave me here, the O family and O2 family love to have me over and love me too! Sister J. makes sure all our RC ladies are fellow-shipped with a job at her hair and beauty salon.  Bro D.( the WML) and I work great together and I love his family as well. Then there is Bro L. and you just can't beat this guy. Ashtown ward is so beautiful any day I expect to just find burn patches from everywhere they were when Translated.
   Well that’s all the good news from Ghana this week. If anything the work is moving on and we are staying ahead or leading it ahead. The sun is hot and biking is tiring, but Mission work is awesome and the church is true!!
  Wish some glorious sonnet,
      Elder Steven T Ray

***I asked Elder Ray about some of his "missionary abbreviations" and this is the code that he sent me:
ZT- Zone training
MC- Mission conference(general authoritarians sometimes come to.)
DC- District council every Tuesday unless we have a ZT which would be held that day
DL- District Leader
ZL-Zone Leader
AP- Assistants to President
OE-Office Elders
RC- Recent converts
LA- Less active
WML- Ward mission leader

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