Tuesday, November 19, 2013

You Don't Know What You Have Til It's Gone - Nov 18, 2013Love

Yes after a near 10 month run Elder Ray has left Ashtown and Kasoa completely. Saying goodbye to those people was the hardest thing I have done since I said goodbye to everyone back home. I couldn't even say goodbye to everyone either, there just wasn't enough time and too many people. So much happened in Kasoa and I grew so much there. 
  Saying goodbye to the O family Bro L and girls, the D family and the Ob family nearly killed me.  I spent the entire day trying to run around to as many members and investigators as I could and in the end I was able to see most of them off on Tuesday.
  So I was called to Korle Bu 1 as the new district leader here. It’s in more of the heart of Accra and my area is right along the ocean. The people here speak Ga' as well as Twi' so it’s a lot like my first area in Labodie were I was trained (not too far from here actually.)
   Wednesday morning me and Thomas (who was also leaving Kasoa) went to see Sis Helen for one last meal and say goodbye. After that we went back to the house and got a taxi for Accra and met at a chapel in Tesano Accra. My new companion is Elder Masaku from Kenya. He has been out for 6 weeks so I'm finishing his training. I'm still trying to connect with him, but there is a lot of work to be done. 
  My apartment has 8 missionaries in it total: 4 for our ward and 4 for the other. The zone leaders are also in my apartment, one is Elder Pearson, from Montana, so we have a lot to talk about. Other elders are from Nigeria, Utah, Nevada, and one S. African. The building we are in is a huge double story place called the Mission frat house. :)
  I found out this area is rough and the missionaries before really burnt this place. They did nothing and the ward has kinda withdrawn from the missionaries. Well hey that was how Kasoa was when I first arrived so here I go again.
  One bright note was when I told Bro L I was coming here, he was sad of course, but also really happy because he comes here nearly every week to visit his family. He really wants me to teach them because he is the only member from this family and he has already told them I was coming. Sunday while out in the area where he told me they stayed I came across Bro L just eating some fufu under a tree. We both exploded with joy and he quickly got us some food and introduced me to everyone. So there is my first family to start teaching here!
    Well it has been a very hard week and I have really felt so down coming to such a hard area and leaving behind that lovely Zion-like place called Kasoa. I do my best to keep my head up and continue moving the Lord's work on. As our dear President J Rueben Clarke taught "Its not where you serve, but how you serve." and that is what I attend on doing. 
   With love,
        Elder Ray

LOVE this picture of Elder Ray (far right) and the missionaries heading out.

Elder Ray (in the middle) - this is at the Ashtown Open House that was held in October

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