Monday, November 11, 2013

Best Week - November 11, 2013

My email keeps freezing up, so don't fuss to much if this letter turns out to be a bit short.
  Well it was the week before transfers and with having been here almost 10 months, that meant it may be my last week of Kasoa. With this in mind I did my best to not only tie up any loose ends, but make sure it was my best week here.
   Tuesday- taught around our usual proselytizing spots. The French man continues to read the Book of Mormon and since we can't speak his language we just use the BOM (with a French version for him) to teach all our lessons. If he is baptized at the end of the month I hope we get to say the prayer in French. Ended the day at Bro. Larbies where he gave us his latest creation, papaya fruit, ginger, and millet cake. It was interesting but props for Larbie trying.
   Wednesday- I went with Elder Jones on splits. He had just been called to train, so I went to see how his area was doing. While on Splits I showed him around to a few of my former investigators before they had split the area. One was the old man, Baden, Moyer and I were teaching in April. He was happy to see us and had even been reading the BOM lately. Answer to Rod's question: this man is named for Lord Baden Powell. In Accra there is a statue of the man somewhere because when this place was still a British colony he brought Boy Scout here.
  Thursday- Went on splits with Elder Thomas to his area. Thomas has been in Kasoa the longest after me, since May when he started his mission. He may be leaving as well this week. We had a lot of fun together while teaching and even picked up a few meals that night as well.
   Friday- We left around 5:45 so we could get to Accra by 9:00am for our temple trip and instruction. First we had a little teaching from President Hill (now temple trips had happened throughout the week with different districts, so we were the last with 2 other districts.) Then we split, with half going to the temple and the others learning cooking and basic maintenance.  I was first sent with cooking, where Sisters Hill and Wall helped us learn how to make different foods( bisquick, burritos, and cobblers) with the limitations here. Then while the food was cooking Elder Wall talked about bike and apartment maintenance we could do to save money. He was impressed with my knowledge on the bikes, which I owe to Dad and also Scouts, always going on bike trips were this stuff was do or die.
   While I talking about the Walls (our office couple) I would like to say how much I really love these people. I found out that Elder Wall even attended Manti High for a while. I already knew they were related to the Larsen’s and Sister Wall keeps teasing me she is going to send them pictures of me. They are really a wonderful couple and I hope I serve in the office one day with them.
   After this and lunch I had my interview with President and then went to the temple. We got to watch the new temple video. I don't know if I can say much about it, but it was awesome.
  Saturday- We taught, ate and went to a baptism. then visited with the D. family, they are still doing great and we even found a scorpion at their place.
   Sunday- I was surprised to see we had a lot of our investigators come to church. They should all be ready for baptism by the end of the month, so that would be one let down if I were to be transferred. Bro Obeng was gone so I had to go and teach Sunday school to the youth.  I taught how to be spiritual self-reliant.  We took lots of photos with the members after the service and finished with a nice lesson at the end of the day with a taxi driver about to be baptized.
    This morning we went to the ocean to pick up some art work I had ordered-it was a nice way to spend probably my last P-day in Kasoa. Anyways I'm going to go finish washing that way if tomorrow I get the news I'm leaving Wednesday,  then I can use the whole day to say goodbye to everyone (though it probably won't be enough time.) With that said I’ll sign off with the words of the great Mtn man "Bear Claw" Lapp "I hope that you will fare well pilgrim."
          Elder Steven T Ray

P-Day at the beach

This is recently baptized family that Elder Ray just loves!!  Notice the Ghana tie :)

E. Ray with companion and other elders polishing off a plate of food!

He said this was not Def Leppard's restaurant ;)

Making burritos at a member's home

Surveying all of Kasoa!

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