Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Half way there, Waaaaaaaaah Livn' on a prayer!!!!‏-Dec 2, 2013


The title says it all! What a strange feeling has come over me to think it’s been a year. Only a year? It’s only been a year! Sometimes it seems like just the other day and then it seems like 20 yrs! Really quite a mix of emotions, but first.....
   Most of the week we spent contacting, finding, and hitting the trails scouting for new investigators. I dropped a lot of the people we had been working with to see maybe if our absence made them see the light.
In the search we talked to rich, poor, tall, short, Chinese and Canadian. The Chinese folks (probably gold miners, legal or not) did ask for a return appointment so we will try them later this week. The funny thing with my area is we have some of the richest areas I have seen in Ghana and thee dirtiest slums as well. We also have a large portion with is the Korle Bu Hospital (supposedly the largest in west Africa.)
   Thursday- To celebrate turkey day we hit the local market to buy items for Philly cheese steaks. There we also found potatoes, so we made a big mess of Philly cheese steaks, diced potatoes, sausage, and mango juice. It was really good and we were unable to finish all and after staying up far too late we ate the left overs for breakfast.
    Saturday- Did some few teachings in the morning and came to meet with everyone else for a big open house in our zone. It was a nice change up added into the week from the normal rounds and teachings. Also the mail wagon made an appearance and I was able to pick up my supplies and packages. When we got home I opened them but the one when opened stunk really bad. Turns out the can of Turkey Spam had ruptured and soured in there. Everything else was fine and the camera made it just fine, loved looking at the pictures left on it. Can I say the flask tie is the coolest thing I have ever seen, it might just get worn out being used to much. I also loved the funny Mormon ads in there.
  When Everyone else got home we ate a huge tub of fan-ice( the local ice cream) with bananas and cookies. 8 hungry missionaries took care of it all pretty fast though.
   Sunday- The main investigators we are teaching showed up to church and also brought their friends. One guy we dropped called and said he was looking for the chapel so we went and I grabbed him making 5 (investigators) to sacrament. It was a beautiful way to close the week or so we thought. One elder’s family sent a massive box full of food for us all, so that night we feasted again. We were able to enjoy two Thanksgiving dinners that week.
   Well through all the times and events of the past year I'm still around and taking Ghana one day at a time. The work continues though no matter the time left and we are rolling with, just one day at a time. Thank you so so much for the wonderful gifts, the supportive prayers, and sustaining wishes. Until next time, adieu.
       With much love,
                Elder Ray

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