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Keeping the Faith as a Tripanionship‏ - Sept 30, 2013

Dear Mom,
  It’s been a busy but rewarding week here in Kasoa as a Tripanionship! Let me explain......
   Starting from Tuesday we would go to Elder Thomas's area in the morning until mid-afternoon then work around my side in the latter part of the day. Monday it hard rained all day and Tuesday it was still a non-stop shower, though it had lightened up a bit. So we mostly stuck close to the Apartment and at ward member’s houses. We gave a blessing to Ward 2's Bishop as he had injured his knee. We then finished at Larbies house that evening. Funny thing happened earlier at a small second hand shop I was looking at CD's, mostly rap and other garbage, when I found the greatest hits of both the Scorpions and Bad Company, in near mint condition.
  Contacting in Thomas's area Wednesday morning we stumbled upon a house with its address marked as 666, this is strange because Ghanaian’s are very superstitious. Inside we met none other than a family of Jehovah Witness, very fitting. We also had a ton of FM's from the members on this day too, so we went to bed well fed.
 Thursday we found a shop advertising 'Free Coke tomorrow' which we made the mistake of going there on the present day. Also bought Transformers Risk and Star Wars Angry Birds the board game for the apartment, funny the random things we find in Ghana.
  That night we taught the family with the boys we always played soccer with and plan to baptize. This time we also taught the father who had come to church the week before. He expressed his love and desire for not only his 4 children his raising by himself, but also the Church. He and the 4 kids should all be baptized in October. I really felt the Spirit on the way home from that lesson.
  Friday morning we bought some sweet straw hats and leather bags from a man walking around by our apartment. He is coming back tomorrow with crocodile bags! I did 4 interviews as well and failed 2 of them, but everything should get worked out and I'll do it again this week.
  Saturday we went back to the JW's and had a semi-heated discussion. I won't bore with details, but I love to add in little bits of our doctrine which they unrealizingly agree with. Had a baptism earlier that morning which went well, now up to 27, but nobody counts. Saw a few other members around that night and finished up a good week.
   The next day Sacrament crowd was a little small, but most of all my recent converts were there, as well as my investigators. So that made me pretty happy to see how they are staying strong and keeping the faith. That afternoon I made( with help from my other 2) Ghanian sweet potato fries with coleslaw, topped with ketchup, mayo, and shito( spicy fish sauce) It was really good and I guess I'm gaining a small reputation around the mission as a good cook( I say that very humbly, because now people are trying to hire me out.)
   So that is the week in the Ashtown Confederation. Transfers are on Wednesday and we find out about what’s happening tomorrow morning. I'll most likely be staying but others may move so there is always excitement around. We are also getting a new AP so look forward to that. With that I bid you farewell and I'll see you on the radio....
Elder Steven T. Ray
This is in response to my question of what he likes and doesn't like us to send to him:
   To leave out of packages
  -pop rocks, I don't care for them and they don't trade well
  - no more cheese sauce, I don't use it much
   Needed Items again
  -more pictures!!!! and maybe a small protective album cover for them.
  -color pencils
  -Unknown God, by Mark E Petersen( if you can :)
 Also Bro Larbie when asked expressed interest in any health books or plants books from the US that you may see. I wanted to give him something. I may also be buying a few souvenirs soon so I might have you wire more money, plus Schoessow said he'd sell me his camera for 100usd.
Sorry I also forgot to say I looooooovvvvedd those peanut bar cake thing you sent, if you want send more! Smith once got an Oreo pie kinda like that and it was also really yummy. The potatos were amazing and I still have one can of roast beef I'm being to protective of-send more haha. Hurley has been writing me and I joked he might see dad at his welcome home. I don't know who is speaking at conference but I hope it Vinsion, he liked my knowledge on the OT when he came last earlier this month.

Below are some pictures of zone conference/mission tour.  Elder and Sister Vinson of the West African Area Presidency spoke.  On a little side note: Elder and Sister Vinson moved to Utah from Australia a few years ago and I met them at Snow College, where Sis Vinson was taking classes.  I didn't know they had been called to the West Africa Area Presidency until they were already over there - it is a very small world!
Elder and Sister Vinson greeting the missionaries before zone conference

Elder Ray catching up with the other elders

Pres. Hill addressing the missionaries at zone conference - Elder Ray is about 3 or 4 rows back.

Pres. Hill and Dr. Emmanuel Abu Kissi - Dr. Kissi holds a speacial place in our heart- he is the doctor who treated Elder Ray when he had malaria.  Sis. Hill wrote this about Dr. Kissi:Dr. Emmanuel Abu Kissi with President Hill (above) was a guest speaker at our conference.  Dr. Kissi, the author of the book "Walking in the Sand" which chronicles the history of the church in Ghana, shared his story of conversion and challenges as the church sought acceptance.   Dr. Kissi, currently the Stake Patriarch in the Kasoa Stake, has been an influential leader of the church here, including acting as the Mission President during the freeze.   He shared, that he never planned to write a book but felt like he should keep track of events surrounding the church in Ghana as they happened.   His detailed notes became the written history of the church here.  As well as the generosity he shows in medically treating our missionaries, his faithful service is an inspiration to us all.

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