Monday, October 7, 2013

The Legend Continues - Oct 7, 2013

Dear Mom, Dad, sisters and junior brother.
  Transfers were on Wednesday and we sadly lost Elder Paletonga to a different area far far away. I'm really missing my friend from Samoa right now. Before he left, he gave me a really cool towel from Samoa as well as some other little trinkets. He told me he also sent his sister for a lava-lava for me as well. The kid is a very sweet and one of the best teachers I know, probably because he was 25 and had a degree in teaching he earned before the mission.
  On the other hand, Elder Thomas got a new companion from Uganda, very sweet kid who is also super tall! Elder Jones came from being with Elder Bay to replace Paley, though not in our hearts. He is quiet but can have a funny sense of humor so we get along.
   Lots of rain this week which is really good news because Ghana had a sort of drought during the Rainy season and we are about to start the hot season. Lots of crops failed, but now everyone has another shot before The Harmattan , where we get hot winds and lots dust blown in from the Sahara Desert. I came during the first of it last year, so that means my time is coming!
  We continued to teach our golden family, the 5 members of the D family. The kids had to visit there grandma in Accra, but the father was still able to come on Sunday which was a relief. Saturday I was happy to see the last of my investigators from the time I was with Moyer get baptized. It was a sister whose parents didn't like the church and she has finally found the freedom and clearance to join the church. It was a really nice thing to see happen. Besides this the week was actually kinda lame until Saturday night when we ate dinner at a Sister Helen’s with the other district. I met Elder Jensen from Richfield and saw Lilo again. We had a pretty fun time there and Sunday after church and everything else we got to gather to make a big dinner, guess who was the chief cook? Yep, me!
    In the last couple of months or so I have really been reading hard through the OT and understanding it better, plus cross referencing it with The Book Of Mormon. I love the stories and teaching found within the OT, especially because it deals with a lot of the history of the times as well as the spiritual aspect of things. I can see that is differently not all correct though.
  There you go, another week of effort in Ghana. It was a pretty good one, though I was a little sad not to watch conference( we see parts of it with the ward in about a month.) Well there is work to be done and only 13-1/2
months left for me to do it, so I keep that as a reminder to that this opportunity  to the heart and do the best I can and the Lord will do the rest!
    With great faith in the works,
  Elder Steven T Ray

PS - Plus anyone looking for an eagle scout project or that type of thing I have a really good school owned by members here I think could use writing books, pencil erasers and that sort things. More on it next week, just think about it.

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