Monday, October 14, 2013

Baptisms and Turtle Hunting - Oct 14, 2013


So I'm going to try to be as fast as I can and informative as possible.
  Tuesday we traveled a little ways to Odokror for our Zone Training meetings. It’s far and traffic is bad so I made my District leave extra early because I hate being late to meetings on the mission. Well it was a good thing we did because traffic was horrible and President Hill came to the meeting and guess what? Ashtown District (or Confederation) looked good! The Apartment is doing really well and everyone is having some awesome success. Kasoa zone for another month lead in most baptisms
   The D family will be baptized on Sunday (at least the 4 that of age) normally Saturdays are baptism days, but due to working schedules Sunday will be the day. The family is amazing and we have had some great lessons with them. The lessons go from anything like answering concerns with the help of our ward mission leader to finding turtle behind the house-the latter happens after lessons though.
  We contacted this awesome guy from Ivory Coast who loves everything and anything to do with the Church. One problem we have though is he only speaks French and we don't. With prayers and the gift of tongues (as well as understanding tongues) we are able to work with him and an okay translator. Bishop and his wife speak his language fine so Sunday things went well and got better when another investigator who came also spoke French. The man is awesome and I hope to soak him soon.
  No Halloween decorations or nods to be seen or heard of, but there is a Christmas buzz starting up, gah It is just as bad in a third world country as it is back home. Tomorrow is a small Muslim holiday, which will be fun to see how it goes down. Muslims are really cool here, not the same type you see with bombs on TV. These guys will even sometimes defend us Mormons, so we get along well enough. A few Muslim neighbors are getting me some Muslim wear.
   Something that has been going around is a deep mourning for a certain Ghanaian professor who was killed in the terrorist attack at the mall in Kenya (I’m sure you all heard about that.) The Government has been lamenting his death for the better part of last week, makes me think of what maybe David and Israel did for Abner when he was murdered, I really like Abner for some reason. As for Ghana funerals are week long events and sometimes they wait 4 to 6 months between death and burial (body freezers) it’s okay resurrection works all the same.
  Well though no super crazy events happened this week we were able to enjoy what did happen and focused in on working harder. Lots of fun with the ward though and more fun events coming up next time.
But for now I bid you parting as I must get home for its late here. Anyways lots of love and faithful work from me.
    Elder Steven T Ray

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