Monday, September 23, 2013

Alma 48:17 - September 23, 2013

Dear Mom & Family,
    There always seems to be an interesting day or event going on in Ashtown and this week didn't disappoint. I really liked those pictures of you with the Schoessow family- it surprised me when I was training to realize who they were. He is doing great and we get along really well.

  During Confederation Council I taught and we discussed about how the gaining both the "Word" and Spirit= power. Something Elder C Scott Grow talked about last in January when he visited. It was a good meeting and there were no flare ups from anything said this time...a calm before the storm.
   We had problems teaching in the mornings though-out the week. Nobody was home and all of our main investigators were in the evening times. This gave us lots of time to go tracking and exploring for those people in need of the good word. It’s an easy thing to do when you have been doing this in the same area for nearly 8 months. You feel like you have tried this area or that road already too many times. So things were pretty dull in the morning and early afternoon hours.
    Thursday however I went to the far-side of my area, far west, to a few places I had never even passed close to. Well there was a reason to not going there first, nobody lives in the bush and swamps there. Second, anyone there lives way too far to come to church and I get a little worried we are leaving the mission into the Cape Coast mission....Though what they don't know won’t hurt them. haha. Well it turned into more of an adventure traveling around the Ghanaian country side. 
    We picked up Bro Dadzie( our ward mission leader. who is way cool) for a few member present lessons. On our way to one such lesson we witnessed a pretty graphic motorcycle crash. A man on a bicycle with a propane tank cut in front of a motorcycle on the road and both of them went flying and skidding across the pavement, with the propane tank bouncing and sparking the whole way (luckily it was empty.) Lots blood and carnage, mostly from cuts to the motorcyclist head. The man from the bike didn't do much after they put him in a taxi bound for the hospital; he was not in good shape after the event.
      Besides that everything else went well. Taught a few families we hope on baptizing next month. Had lots of help and some fun time from the Dadzie's and the Okeryre families as well as the Obengs. I was happy to still be serving in Ashtown/Kasoa and I worry that this coming transfer might take me away from confirmation on that.
   Big Event happened Sunday while I was sitting in Sacrament. President Hill called me and said he was on his way to my ward building. He came and went straight to Elder J. ( Thomas's companion) After their Interview it sounded like he was being transferred and Thomas would be with me. Well that was confirmed when he packed his bags and the AP's came to take him away. Don't know his fate and sounds like he may have had a few issues with President.
    Now for the next week and half I have two junior companions, I'll also be working in Thomas's area as well as my own so now I have something to fill in the mornings with. Transfers will be next week on Wednesday. Things are looking good for the Confederation as we clean ourselves up and prepare for what’s new to come.
Here is my scripture for the week:  Alma 48:17
  With much love from Africa,

  Elder Steven T Ray
 I have been thinking on what you could send me and I have a list of suggestions.
   Green Chili
   More White gravy( plenty of it) 
   Biscuit mix
   BBQ sauce
   and maybe some of your homemade salsa. 

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