Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Engines, lessons,& Investigators - Sept 2, 2013

Dear Family,

Week 2 of the Ashtown Confederation was a success. Tuesday we had our first District meeting and it came off without a problem. Talked about tracting and using referrals. Most baptisms come from referrals, so we are trying to improve the quality of our finding to increase the work when we aren't getting referrals. I drew a nice diagram of an engine and used the idea of the combustion as missionary work. Gas represented referrals and airs is finding; gas is good but without good quality air it doesn't have the same effect on the engine. I guess you could say the spark plug is the Holy Ghost- the fire that really makes things happen- haha.
   Wednesday we did lots of finding, as I practice what I preach. We contacted a bunch of small boys who have now turned out to be some serious investigators, asking inspired questions, bringing friends, and reading the Book of Mormon. Now we just need to get them to church and we will have filled a second quorum for the deacons and teachers. After every lesson we seem to get roped into a football game, we lose pretty fast so not sure why they enjoy playing us.
    Thursday- not a lot of anything happened most of the day due to a Supreme Court case here. Ever since the President was voted in at the end of November they have been arguing on stolen votes and misrepresented regions. So finally this week on Thursday the court ruled in favor of the current president to hold the office. No uprisings, seeing how Ghana is the most peaceful West African country. I did an interview that night for Palentaoga and his comp.
    Saturday- We had baptisms, my candidate was one who was to baptize in April, but due to her traveling for school she was unable. Well she returned 2 weeks ago and I got to see her go into the water. I was happy it finally worked out, but she missed church the next day and was not confirmed, though it has been addressed and next week by all means. After the baptism we helped the Obengs with a youth activity and they fed us some really good food afterwards. Taught some lessons and went home to find a giant party outside our apartment. It wasn't a birthday party for me, but the grand opening for a barber shop underneath our house. They man invited us to come eat, but we could only see beer, cigarettes. and women so we opted on not going. Finally the music stopped rattling the books from the shelf at 11:00 and we got some rest. We passed by the next day to look and it is probably one of the nicest shops I have seen in Ghana- though the sign said 10 gh for a white man cut. I usually only have to pay 2 or the most 3.
   Sunday- We had 7 investigators show up for church, which was awesome considering 5 were brand new random people we hadn't met before. Two kids were sent by their less active mother who stays about an hour away in a village by the jungle. I'm excited to go meet with them this week.
  Today- I got mail from home, 2 packages from mom & dad, 1 from Lisa & Rod, and a lot of fan mail from all over the countryside thanks to Bree.:) People from Florida, Iowa, to Colorado and California. I few of them were actually pretty funny. Can't wait until Saturday to open some of these packages, though I can hear there are no Legos. No baptisms for Saturday, but next week I should have 2 or 3 and I'm excited for these one, not that I'm never excited for a baptism. Thanks for all the wishes and greetings. I'm enjoying being the Supreme Master & Commander of the far side of Kasoa, in our Confederation we have going now (don't worry power is not gone to the head, just having fun with names. We each have our own respected name here.) The work is sweet and the Lord has opened the windows of heaven with blessings on us, so whatever we are doing we'll keep it up and do better.
  Elder Steven Taylor Ray

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