Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Amazing Week - Sept 9, 2013


It’s been an amazing week here in Ghana as events throughout the week led up to the big celebration on the weekend. Even now as I compose this mail, I sit with a belly full of pizza and I can say that never happens. Let me Explain.
   Tuesday- We had our 2nd weekly gathering of the confederation (district meeting) and during the meeting we discussed the assigned topic from our ZL’s on "opposite sex." Something the missions have been having a problem with. Well 2 elders got a little rallied up about it and we had a fight with words between everyone. Luckily I learned a few things in Speech & Debate on channeling arguments -plus me and Thomas out size everyone so the disputes end there.
    Wednesday- Taught our little group of boys that stay by the chapel. These kids range from 13 to 15, but ask some of the best questions on the gospel and its teachings of any investigator I know. I have given them the name of “Hosa & the News” because I give everyone random names in my planner. I'm always trying to keep up with them and sometimes get a little stumped in the lessons. We are now focusing on the parents and families of these boys this week and by His grace will get them all out to church on Sunday.
    Thursday- Me and my comp took a lady in our ward out to see the home of my recent convert family- the M. family, baptized in July. The woman was Sisiter OK whose son left on a mission the same time as I did. Very sweet woman who along with her Husband have adopted me as their new son. They are an older couple and active in the church. I'm having her reduce and fit my shirts for me since I have lost soooo much weight and nothing fits anymore.
    Friday- Was packed full of lessons and contacting! We had some fun people who asked us to come back for more lesson....and actually sounded interested in what we taught and not us. Went to teach the O’s little girl whose baptism is Saturday, though she is pretty much a child of record, ate some more food there. Then went to Bro Larbies for the weekly FM( Free Meal.) Passed by a few members and investigators to round off the night. I'm very grateful for the Missionary Pal booklet Dad gave me before I came. I can't tell you how many times I have pulled it out to teach a lesson when other books and hand outs were not available. It’s got everything to teach faith to destroy the Catholic church( thank you James E Talmage.) Though I'm a missionary and don't use that, though it is all very true. The only things is that book brings the sin of covet with it as many missionaries are giving me offers for it, though no price could take that beauty from me.
     Saturday- So though I have often been depressed sitting in my area for so long I realized a blessing with it -this week will celebrating the birthday. A few Members called and wished me the best, a few more invited me over for a good meal of baku or Fufu, and they even announced it at church. It’s good to be so close to the ward and it paid off this week on my birthday. Everyone's friend Joseph called and invited me to a big dinner for the evening, it was a lot of fun and he is a very sweet guy. I hope one day he makes it to BYU Provo so we can all meet him. Opened my gifts too and have really enjoyed them as well.
     Sunday- and a few investigators show up, I few I have never met until that morning so it made the class all the more interesting. I was invited to a big birthday dinner by a Sister J that evening which included 10 missionaries. Elder Moyer, Lilo, and there comps come up to celebrate and it was nice to see them again. I still have most of my former comps around so we stay close. Sis. J. bought sparkling cider and made a ton of Fufu with pepper soup. She also played Celine Dion for me, that was kinda nice.
    Well thanks to everyone I wish I could say more but the internet is about to go so I'll finish next week.
   Love you all
   Elder Ray
  PS I need a new ball speaker and 2 memory cards one to use and the other to copy the old one and send back home.

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