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Not Easy but Divine - August 26, 2013

Hey Family and Friends,

Another week in Kasoa is done and gone. Lots of fun on Tuesday as me and Lilo went around to our recent converts and a few selected ward members to say goodbye. It was then that I realized I was actually happy it wasn't me who was leaving. I guess I might actually enjoy these extended time here in Kasoa.
  Wednesday we traveled to a stake center in the Tesano part of Accra to pick up the greenies. We had a lot of fun beforehand seeing some of the other elders there for the transfers. So many missionaries are now younger than me and the ones above keep going home, I'm starting to feel like the mission is moving along.
  My new 'son' is Elder Schoessow, who is from Orange Co. California. I have really enjoyed the Cali elders so far so I was excited to hear he was from there. He is a smart kid and is very interested in learning the culture. This seems like it will be a lot less stressful then last time, which is a relief because with so many 18yr old missionaries coming out I know a lot of the elders are worried about who is coming. But who are we to judge and E. Schoessow is ready to be a missionary so I think Ashtown is going to benefit greatly. Also seeing the new guys made all the older guys realize we don't have white shirts. :)
   Thursday we got right into the work seeing the people that me and Lilo had left and also clearing our vineyard as to have more room to plant anew. Friday I went to do baptism interviews for the other missionaries, this has been my first test as a District leader, then I paid our power bill, the second test, yeah it’s a tough job.
   Funny thing happened while we were teaching a referral at the Obeng's school. Sister Obeng told me the youngest girl in the family, Comfort who is my best friend,  has not baptized, and is 9! So there is a baptism right there for us which I'm happy for, but I’m still in shock about how many times this active family has not brought this to my attention. So Sunday I went to the Primary to find out if there were others like her. There is so far one more and possibly two other ones.
  Saturday we were invited (forced) to go to the Elder's Quorum activities where we spent 5 hours learning about fire safety- then had a baptism right after, so it was still a productive meeting. Then Sister Obeng took us back to her place for Elder Schoessow’s first FuFu dinner -for the first time he did very well and finished the meal.
   Now I'm just going to go get ready for my first District meeting which is tomorrow. There are 6 elders here all living in my apartment. Me and my comp for Ashtown 1, then Palentonga and Udoh for Ashtown 2, and Elder Joseph and Thomas for Kasoa 2a. We are supposed to be Ashtown district, but I have unofficially renamed us: The Confederation of Ashtown Areas.
  So that is my fun stories and adventures of the week, hope everyone out there serving is enjoying the work and I pray for everyone back on the home-front. Missionary work is not easy, but it sure is sweet and divine. 
 Much Love,
Elder S Taylor Ray
Elder Ray and his new companion E. Schoessow

All of the new missionaries with their trainers and Pres & Sis. Hill

There were 18 new missionaries in this transfer - bringing the number of missionaries to 120 in the new Ghana Accra West Mission!!!

The trainers getting their instructions - Elder Ray is on the 4th row

Trainers waiting for their trainees!

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