Monday, March 4, 2013

Need some rain down in Africa - March 4, 2013

Dear Mom,

So this past week has been absolutely boring -  it was not a typical week, but was extremely long and just dragged out for quite a while. I did have some fun adventures with Elder Bay, but it was hotter than normal and I was tired out from the week then last night really late we got a call saying apartment inspection. Yeah that means no sleep cause we all stay up cleaning like crazy. Which brings me to this morning - the apartment check went really well( told us to work on the toilet a little better next time, though no one in Africa can get these toilets perfect) so everyone was happy, that's when they said they had mail for me...a lot of it too.
I was so happy I had to open everything really slowly cause it was like Christmas and I didn't want it to be over. I love love love love everything you sent me - even the corn nuts, which at first I was thinking "I never eat this things" but they are my favorite now. The bracelets are amazing and the lemonade powder will definitely get used :) oh and the mp3 player isn't bad........joking that was the best! Thank you sooooooo much for that.  It works perfectly and I love the speaker for it as well. Elder H., my district leader/2 companion is from California and thinks its way cool I have tons of triple A stuff. He also likes some of the music you guys put on there, some of it I was happily surprised to find on there :) oh I can't express how I am just so happy for all that and most definitely the MP3 player, just love it!
 And then to hear you sent more? now not that I'm not way thrilled about that as well but I just don't want you to be spending a lot of money on me with all this packages, especially after I heard that flat rate prices have gone up. Though I'm so very grateful for everything so far.
  A really interesting thing that did happen this week though was me and Elder O. went and taught 10 lessons at a junior high school. Now at first we were contacting a referral who was a teacher there at the school; then soon we taught another teacher and another and suddenly we were in front of a classroom teaching the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and how Joseph Smith brought the priesthood back to earth. Yeah I'm not sure how that would go over at an American school, but all the kids loved it and asked questions - then after they all wanted pictures with me :) the teachers have now set us up to come teach every Friday afternoon....and I think they also want me to start teaching after classes(like science and math as well)
  Well that was the fun and joy of my past week here in Ghana, now I'm just praying for some rain and with a little luck we might get some today :)
very hot and sweaty, but doing well
Elder Ray

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