Monday, March 11, 2013

100 Days - March 11, 2013

Dear Mom,
Yes we finally got some rain! hallelujah! It had been threatening to rain for a few days this past week, but still the weather remained at a nice constant 112 or more. Then Saturday the windows of Heaven were opened up on us, and I witnessed a glimpse of what kind of storm would flood the earth had it been giving 40 days and nights. :) haha It rained for maybe 1 or 2 hours but in that time it was able to wash the roads away, flood a couple rooms, and bring the temperature down to a freezing 74 degrees. My room was partially flooded even with the windows closed, the rain was ferocious enough to come through. Don't worry nothing was damaged. It did make traveling on foot and bike extremely hard with all the swamps and mud fields that suddenly appeared. It also washed out a couple of bridges we use.
  The next day was pretty miserable though. The rain brought a small amount of cooler weather, but with it also comes more humidity. And then in good ol' Ghanian style we have had light off since then! :) The rain has hopefully softened the ground enough I can build my garden at the house and me & Elder B. can now dig a speed bump in-front of the house to help control the dust.
  We went back again to the school Friday, but this time we played with the kids and taught the teachers from last week. Luckily for both me and the students there I didn't have to teach math. Maybe if they ever make me do that I'll just assign a ton of homework and they'll ask me not to come teach that anymore. :) We brought Elder H. and his comp with us and I ended up on splits with him. We really get along and have become quite good friends these last couple of weeks. A lot to do with him coming from a small town and that I have spent more time with him then my actual companion due to splits :)
   I found some buffalo wing sauce at the market( really random) and I think I might go buy a chicken or two and enjoy some hot wings tonight or later this week. :) that or maybe I'll find a crocodile and see how that taste with hot wing sauce....not joking about that last part.
  That's really weird to be hearing about kids in the grade under me getting mission calls. But I guess with the age change they'll start popping up out in the field now. This next transfer at the first of April we are expecting 25 new missionaries, that is a ton for this place. But it also shows how many have answered the call and how much work there is needed to be done :) Zane is going to a pretty cool place, I was just reading on missionary work in India...kinda jealous. My computer isn't really working with the camera but I might be able to get you some picture later this week if not E. Bay is going to help me get all the pictures off on to a card and send to you.
  So let’s see... I did forget to mention I got Grandma's package the same time I got yours last week, it was very nice and I'm writing her a thank you note. Ask her though for me if she has received my letter I sent about a month ago, it kinda sounded like it didn't make it to her. I'm trying to think if there is anything i need or want to ask about, but there is really nothing at the moment. I guess that means I'm just doing that great. I have got my scriptures and my machete so I'm just working fine.  I did think of something you could send. next time you get a package ready put some Mormon tab music on there and some talks by Neal A Maxwell, Mark E Peterson, Marion G Romney, James E Faust, David B Haight, and maybe see what the oldest recorded talk is you can find(like audio recorded) Any talks or songs you can think of cause that's all I can think of right now. I bought some cargo pants for P-days and lounging around in the Apartment.. yes I bought a watch. I'm not sure the lifetime on the thing but it is really nice and I was thinking of send some more home for Dad and Dalton. With my trading skills( which I contribute to Dad) I was able to by the watch for 5 American dollars.
Wheeling and dealing has come in really handy out here- I really have to give the credit to Dad for teaching me how to do this kind of trading. Just having watched him over the years I think I have picked up a few things :)
  So until next week, remember that I love you and I'm so very grateful for the prayers of my family, I can really really feel them help me.
Love from your Elder,
Elder Steven T. Ray
P.S. Regarding my 100+ days in the mission field:  Thinking back it’s been really fast but some of the days have dragged a bit  :)

 Mom's Note: Before Taylor left for his mission he had the opportunity to shoot some scenes for Jenny Phillips - she was in our area and doing some shots for 2 CDs she had coming out - they are "Called to Serve" which Taylor is on the cover and then "Stand Ye In Holy Places" which Taylor is in the is a link:

and the picture from the cover of the CD

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