Monday, February 25, 2013

New mission and new area - Feb 25, 2013

Dear Mom & friends,
 So I have left the coast and headed to the edge of the jungles of Africa! Oh yeah Crocodile hunting next P-day baby! We were really surprised that it was me who was transferred, cause Elder P. had been in the area quite a while, but I'm now far far way in a place called Kasoa. We bike a lot here cause the area is massive entire missions can fit here. That is why if I stay here until July I might be ending my mission not in the Ghana Accra Mission, but the new one. Yup you found out the surprise, we will soon have the Ghana Accra west mission. I think it would be cool to be thrown into that new one...we'll see :)
 My new comp is Elder O. from Kenya. He is really funny kid and I'm enjoying him a lot. The best thing about the new apartment is.......a washing machine!!!! Yes that's correct; I guess a few months back a member donated it to the missionaries in Kasoa. We have six Elders here and 3 of us are from the MTC, which doesn't happen ever. Me and Elder B. are here with a Elder D. is from Guam. Ghana is having water shortages now, cause why wouldn't that happen while I was here. So we filled the baptism font with the nasty lake water I have ever seen. I'm surprised the people weren't killed in the water(though they would have been spiritual clean and ready to meet God) So all together I have baptized 10 people, and they have been good solid  converts(so far).
  Well after I'm done here me and Elder B. are going to go buy pick-axes so we can dig a speed bump in front of our house to help with the dust, then we might go look for hamburgers somewhere out here they can be found! Doing great, everything is coming together just fine.  :) :)
Love Elder Ray

I was lucky enough to be online while Taylor was so this is part of our conversation that we had back and was great to be able to talk to him in "real time"!!

Sure Send this message to all my friends if you can. Hopefully I'll have some great adventures this week to report on. Next package you send include some American deodorant like old spice. This stuff I have is terrible and only works sometimes.
Man Elder O is way excited to try BLUEBERRY pancakes haha -he is really funny. Yeah we can still get some foods here and I'm thinking I'll be trying some Croc steaks this week or at least soon. My packages may be here but it might be a little while until someone either comes from or goes to Accra and gets the mail. So it will just sit at the mission home until I get it.
The Elders that have been here before said the croc moved to fast too catch (I guess they were trying to catch smaller ones) so they ended up bringing home a turtle. They made a really nice pen for it in the yard but it was stolen the day before I got here. I guess the local thieves really wanted a turtle. Pancake mix is just really handy and it is really good too. So thanks for sending it –does MapleLeaf have anything else that would be good? IF so send it!
Taylor in his new area of Kasoa

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