Monday, March 18, 2013

Miracles in an Orphanage - March 18, 2013

Dear Mom & Family,

I think Africa is punishing us for enjoying last week’s little dip into cooler weather, cause the past week was right back to the nice heat I'm familiar with - so really nothing new to report on with that.
Probably the biggest highlight from the week was on Thursday. It was our temple trip and interviews with President Judd. Man what an affect a temple trip can do for you. Kinda made me forget I was on a mission for a little bit, except I was surrounded by Missionaries & Africans. It was really nice to get out of the same old schedule and get to travel into Accra for the day. After the Temple we ate lunch and headed down to the mission office. There we sat through 4 hours of instruction while President pulled us back. Even though the Kasoa District had a 2 hour travel back home, we were some reason last on the list. Though the wait was worth it cause President Judd is awesome at making you feel amazing and ready to baptize the nation. While I was there I was able to pick up mail and guess what, they already had the packages you just sent a few weeks ago. I was extremely happy for all that food stuff you sent me. The raspberries and blueberries had a rough trip but still taste awesome. The raspberries are nice to add into my lemonade (all need some more soon) plus pancakes never fail!
Friday we got a referral from Salt Lake and traveled miles away to find it. Turned out to be a lady who owned an orphanage, and guess what....she loves the church. She knew all about Book of Mormon and had read parts of it, making that a breeze to teach. The best though was while I explained the first vision she and some of the helpers seemed to be a little worried as I told them about it. They then told me how some time before we came, a boy at the orphanage, named Joseph, had the same thing happen to him. I was thinking yeah right, but then she said he had seen us, the missionaries, in the light and now knew our church was true and needed to join it. I wish I could have seen my face cause it was probably a good one hahaha. So we are going to get 30+ investigators at church, since she is the legal guardian for those kids.
Besides those big events, this past week as been very dull and not much excitement. Ate some FuFu, Rode in Cho-Chos, suffered through late outs, and spent some good time with my buddies Elder H, Elder B., and Elder S.  We seem to find ourselves up late telling random stories and going off on the weirdest tangents, does that sound like me? They also like to have me teach history lessons and hear an "Elder Rays Version of a Bible story" I guess I can re-tell a good story and thrown some spiritual thoughts. Also during one of the “Light Off” periods I called ECG ( Ghana's electric company) and told then I was Theodore Roosevelt and was working on the Agricultural audit reports for Ghana to send to Obama (they love him here, uggh) and it worked and soon we had power on - so a few nights later when it happened again I called a said I was Ben Schoppe, president of the Ghana FFA  chapter, and gave the same little story. With Another call by Elder H we got the power back again! Which reminds me,  Elder H. dropped a Ben Schoppe joke out of nowhere the other day, so the Schoppe jokes are taking root with other people in far off lands- haha
Anyways Things are coming along like always. I thank everyone for their prayers and wishes. I hope all is well back home as you guys wait for spring. Don’t worry it should stop snowing by the 1st of June :) Take care and remember I love you guys.
Love your Elder,

E. Steven Taylor Ray

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