Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elder Cook's visit - February 18, 2013

Dear Mom, family, & friends,

No packages so far, but then we usually don't get mail until Tuesdays so I'll have to let you know next week. though I'm sure if you just covered them in more Jesus pictures they should arrive just fine(unless its a Muslim  working at the post office, there are a lot here.)
  That is so cool that Dane & Nate got their mission calls. Nate's dad went to Canada so it makes sense-except for the Spanish speaking part. Dane should do well too(I'll need is address when he leaves)
 Elder Cook was not bad, he didn't say anything groundbreaking or send any kids home( I guess Elder Holland did that a few years ago) but he did share some really fun things about his mission, like how he was Elder Holland’s senior companion, cool huh? Then he really focused on working with less actives and told us a mission doesn't have to be so strict we don't have fun and enjoy it. An apostle telling us to have fun on our mission? we better listen to that :)
  So we have a shower, but when the "light is off" we have to use buckets to shower and then when we run out of water we go buy little bags of water to barely get wet & rinse with. All in all its not really as bad as it sounds, because after a nice hot day which is everyday any shower feels good :) We only have a burner top that runs on propane so we are limited on what we cook - though I recall a old Mtn man way of making an oven with a pot and some large rocks. Elder Bradley( my district leader who is cousins with the Bradley's from Manti) has heard of that too, so tomorrow we are going to attempt at making cookies...or burn Ghana down hahaha its ok we live in a cement & adobe house.
  We are thinking that I'll be staying in the area and Probst leaving cause he has been here a long time, but we'll find out tonight, he might be called to ZL or DL. Either way I'll miss him, he has been a great "father" and is now a great friend, We'll probably be seeing each other a lot back home. For today after I'm done here we'll be traveling to the famous Accra Mall that all the missionaries talk about! Its the largest mall in west Africa so its about the size of Ace hardware and everything cost as much as staying at the 4 Seasons. So we'll see how nice it is, but I hear they have Ice Cream! :) :) :)
  We that's all for this week, stay tuned though cause there are many more adventures to come in these next couple weeks, things I can't write about now cause Pres Judd has told us to wait....but it should be good :) I love you all and miss everyone just as much, though I'm loving the work at the same time.
 Love Always,
~Elder S. Taylor "Kwabena" Ray~ (yup that's my name I got also "quise" or whatever it is)
P.S. Our Senior couple is the Averys, they are also the office couple. Elder Avery is the coolest guy, me and him have really hit it off( mostly cause I've been fixing bikes so he doesn't worry about them) He kind of looks like the Bishop from the "Church Ball" movie and sounds just like him. Something I've noticed :)

So just for Mom,

Also I might be needing more pancake mix again soon, this stuff you sent is heaven, especially since it was blueberry( do they have raspberry  pancake mix?) also maybe so more olvatine mix wouldn't hurt. :)
Then a funny request...any church teachings or any teachings on the Old testament man "Abner" you could find and send me. He was a captain for Saul and worked with King David. I have been reading a lot about him and won't to know what our church or even the world thinks about him.

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