Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Roll with the Changes - February 11, 2013

Dear Family,                                                                                                                                                 Well we did our best to find some comfort, but we had just as bad if not worse luck with the power this past week. I think we had it off at least 6 days and it seems to always be at night! which is the worse time to have power off. While everyone was complaining about it I remembered the Reo Speedwagon song: "Roll with the Changes" Which I got thinking and that's how I have always lived my life just to "Take it on the Run" whatever trial comes my way.
  Ok I'm really looking forward to packages. I never realized how much I just love music( just wish I was better at playing) as long as it not rap/hiphop/country I enjoy it, even though I'm leaving my favorite music behind for 2 years(21 months now) though I did hear our neighbors watching CSI( its the big American show the people love right now) and yup I could hear that wonderful melody of Roger Daltreys voice and John's Bass with the always smashing (literally smashing) sound of Pete's guitar haha then later I heard Bryan Adams playing at a bar. I was just walking past the bar that's all, don't worry.
  So we had another Baptism this week. the good thing is that everyone we have baptized are still coming to church! That’s a problem with some of the missionaries out here. they don't baptize and retain the people. We also had our ward split yesterday, just shows you how the work is moving along. And Elder Cook is coming this week which I'm super excited about.
  Tell Breanna that I'm so proud of her, really national Honors is something I could never do.) Tell Kiki I'm way happy for her too! Drivers Ed done, wow everyone is really moving along back home. Maybe she can drive the suburban for me while I’m gone? Thank Emma for the boondoggles all the little kids think they are awesome. And I'm glad to hear Dad& Dalton finally got their letters, which I feel bad took so long. I look forward to hearing back from everyone soon as well, Right? :)
   Well take care until next week. Try not to freeze because I hear its really cold back home - out here the hot season hopefully should be ending soon then comes the rain! We also got our water problem fixed so don't worry about me there. I also fixed everyone bikes, my bed, and a few other things around the apartment cause we had an inspection ( I'm hoping we won) The Senior couple was quite impressed with my mechanic & carpenter skills, defiantly  see my purpose here in Africa...to fix everything hahaha
Love you so much
~Elder Ray~
P.S. Don't worry to much on the packages, cause I don't want to stress you guys back home- you are already paying enough for me but next time you do send it just stuff the thing full full full. I do though need more crystal light packages(lemonade is the best) and maybe some BBQ sauce and whatever else fun thing you'd like to put in there( pictures are some of the best things a missionary can get I believe :) ) But if anything just send letters, because I love to hear from my family.
Oh plus could you really try to find my David Swenson( last name might be wrong) his mission or even if he is home  - you might even need to use my FB to ask him or is mom but I really want to talk to him. Thanks again.

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