Monday, December 9, 2013

The Hamattan! - December 9, 2013

So it has come, the hot winds from the Sahara have attacked Ghana and totally changed the weather here. The skies are filled with a haze that is created from all the sand that is kicked up from the desert and makes its way to the ocean. Everything now has a light orange tint to it. At night there are some way cool electrical storms above the city caused by all this sand, makes a pretty nice show.
   My eyes have really taken a beating because of all that before mentioned. Since mid-week they have been puffy, red and the tear ducts get that nasty crap in them you sometimes see in the morning. I have never had allergies before, here or at home, but after everyone in my ward, including a senior couple (the Packs from Alpine here on a service mission) told me to get checked out I think I will. I going to try and find some anti-allergy eye drops tomorrow.
  Other then that eye problem the work continues onward. We have 5 baptisms lined up for the next few weeks and looks like we will have two next Sunday. One is a woman in her 50's and is a former Jehovah witness; yeah it keeps the lessons lively. She is a very sweet woman and has really come to enjoy the church a lot.
  This week is pretty crazy too. Wednesday we have Zone training and it’s sounding like it’s going to be a big one, not “fire and brimstone”, but setting things straight. Then Thursday my zone and a couple others are having a Christmas Conference. We will be fed and entertained, plus we are all receiving a gift! yeah haha Not sure what to expect since I missed last years while in the MTC. Then on Saturday we will be getting transfer news, yes it’s a week and 3 days early, but this is to avoid the chaos of having it on Christmas day. We will be getting a new AP and Office Elders (maybe two) so everyone is pretty excited to see what will happen.
   I'm happy to hear you guys are getting some nice snow storms and that it’s shutting down all the interstates, Utah weather never fails to impress or surprise. Maybe I'm not missing out on anything haha Just remember it is the exact opposite you can get over here in Ghana right now. That's the week in the Ghana Accra West mission for you, just trying to hang in there and spread the kingdom of God the best we can. Until next time.....
    Much love,
      Elder Steven T Ray

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