Thursday, December 26, 2013

Transfers - December 16, 2013

This email will be very short because we are super busy today, but let explain why....
    Tuesday was a normal day, went out teaching and had coordination (which fell through) with the ward. We got home and I jumped in the shower right away and no sooner was I about to turn on the water there came a knock at the door saying President Hill was calling. After a small greeting he jumped right to it and asked me if I would serve as an Office Elder for him! I jumped for joy and told him yes, he wanted me to come in the next morning, but I needed some time to pack and say goodbye (not too many people after 4 weeks.) So Wednesday I packed and said goodbye to a few people.
     Thursday- I got picked up by the AP's and went to my Christmas Conference and started as the new OE. I was brought in early so I could be with the old OE, Elder Asay who is going home on Tuesday - and learn a bit about what we do in the office. My companion is Elder Mason, from Arizona and one transfer behind me - we already were friends so this should be good. 
      Luckily I had my International License so I was able to start driving immediately and I don't think I did too badly for someone who hasn't driven in over a year. All mission vehicles are clutch, so they were happy to hear I knew how to work one. The roads and traffic are crazy here, the training has mostly been learning to drive around Ghanaians.
     Tomorrow the departing missionaries are flying out so we are about to run around and pick them up. They will stay with us for the night and in the morrow will prep them for departure and eat one last meal together before we ship to the airport or bus station. Then Wednesday we have transfers for everyone else to worry about. 
    In the office I’m on a computer a lot so I'll write more later when I get time, but for now I have to go pick some missionaries up in my new ride (the OE's and Ap's are the only missionaries with a vehicle too) Also I handle the mail and I was able to pick up my box today at the area office.
      I'm ready for the next 6 months here and happy to be working with President (and a car!!!) So don't worry about me I'm very happy. Goodbye and I'll talk to you soon.
          Elder Steven T Ray 

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