Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Long Haul - August 12, 2013

Family and Friends,

Another week in Kasoa goes by, but don't think that they are almost gone because sounds like I'll be here for at least 3 more months! Tonight we were teaching family home evening at Sister A’s and had the D. family over as well. During the lesson I got a call from President Hill, I thought maybe he was just calling on my health and if I had any malaria flare ups since the hospital. He then told me he had a new calling for me and he dropped it on me....Called to train...in Kasoa...Again!
  I was actually really happy to be called to train again, but a little bit of me died inside thinking I'll be here another 3 months. Nothing is final until next week when transfers come, but sounds like they want to add another set of missionaries to my area and split the district( with maybe me as district leader.) 10 months in Kasoa, well I know the area and I know the people like perhaps no other missionary here before so that's at least going for me.
   The week was somehow slow. We did lots of finding and tracking, because we realized we were baptizing all of our investigators in the coming weeks. The days were long and hot and I still have been recovering my strength since the malaria attack.
   I work out now every morning with weights and get my daily dose of biking just like always to build it back. I'm pretty good at riding without hands now, even down trails and over bumpy roads, so there is a plus to not having cars (I wonder sometimes how missions in the world are where they have cars, oh I miss driving.)
   Saturday we baptized another two people. A 21 year old hair dresser who works for a member, she is very sweet girl and also a 14 yr old boy who we contacted earlier last month. Now when the baptism time had come we only had the girl there and waited an hour until we proceeded without him. Everything went smoothly and after we closed we had a coordination with Bro D.(ward ML)
   During this time the boy rode up on his bike and said he had broken down and that was the reason for him being late. The font had just been emptied because we were getting new water from a truck and most people had left. Quickly we gathered everyone back together and after the truck filled the church’s tanks we had them fill the fount until they ran out, only half full, but he was a small boy so we made it work.
   The boy’s name is Exxon so it only seems fitting he should have trouble with water. Him and the girl were confirmed on Sunday and I was able to attend Joseph's parents baptism after our ward finished. That was a very sweet moment and helped brighten my mood as I have been a bit depressed with everyone going home and what not.  Everything is back to the not so standard normal way we do things here in Kasoa.
  Thanks for all the wishes and prayers everyone is still giving. I hope all is well in one way or form for everyone. Looking towards another successful week here in West Africa!!
  Elder Steven T Ray 

Elder Ray and Joseph with his mom and step-dad

Joseph's family and Elder Ray

Joseph and Elder Ray - our other son in Ghana!

Good friends on a great day!

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