Tuesday, August 20, 2013

District Leader and Training-August 19, 2013

Family and Friends,

It seems like every week on Monday night I get big news about changes in the area, the way we work, or about shifting positions. Well why think this Monday would throw out a new different surprise, can't let the fun run dry now can we? So President Hill has asked me to be the new District Leader for the newly created Ashtown District, affective Wednesday which is transfers day.
   I'll be spending my extended time here training a new missionary as I lead a bunch of other missionaries like I know what I'm doing or something close to it. This is actually a really exciting call, with one down side, and that is now each Tuesday morning I have to hold district meetings and give instruction, probably without a bunch of song quotes either. Dang they make this job hard. Mostly I just report to zone leaders and do baptismal interviews.
  In news from the week we had a pretty uneventful week for the most part. Tuesday and Wednesday not much out of the ordinary happened while teaching. Thursday I went to Accra to the area office for trainer’s council and enjoyed some good times with Elder Schmeltzer who is also training again. We stopped by a large outdoor market named Circle (it sits around a large round about) to look at shoes, I'm thinking of getting some new wing tips. Friday we met an old investigator of mine who was to be baptized back in May but traveled for school. She'll hit the water at the end of the month this time.  Saturday- We traveled to a Liberian refugee camp nearby for the “Mormon Helping Hands-All African Project” or whatever the correct name it was called is not important. My ward cleaned up a hospital and it was a lot of fun being around my ward members as we had fun cleaning the place up.
    Took a nap when we got home then visited the Obeng family (one of my favorite families in the ward.) Though I made the mistake of giving the oldest daughter my last bracelet from Emma. The youngest daughter won't let me forget I owe her one, so please ask Emma if she could make a few more now that I'm out. Mind you some of these kids have small wrists. Bro Obeng is our YMP and is a very strong member, he is a very gentle man standing at 6' 5 and would make a good football player.
   Sunday- we had a good amount of investigators to church and were able to coordinate our upcoming baptisms with the ward. So count on hearing about some more in the following weeks.
  I'll be picking up my new companion fresh from the MTC on Wednesday morning so I'm trying to set up some good African dinner appointments for the rest of the week, why I wouldn't want him to starve after all. I'll be able to tell you more about him next week, but I'm sure I'll get an Elder, unless they run out then maybe I'll get a sister. Haha Well I'll tell you the work is not easy, but it is divine and I know what I'm doing here is the Lord's will, so I'll keep on it up. Thanks for the love and prayers.
    With love from Ghana,
     Elder Steven T Ray

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