Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pictures - June 17, 2013

This was the extent of Taylor's email this week:

Ok really quick- I did with draw money last week and today. We had a small party and were stuck in traffic most of the day and that is why I haven't sent an email yet. I'm working really fast now but the cafe is closing so I will send it early tomorrow morning.

I doing just fine, actually a little better then last week and you can read about it in my big email. If you are on you can hurry and chat with me.

Ps Please tell Dad happy fathers day for me. I got him a gift but not sure how to send it.

Also the pictures I am posting are courtesy of Elder Bay!!  

District meeting

Grandma Grace - she is great to feed the missionaries!

Kasoa LDS meetinghouse

The man in the center's family has an orphanage in Kasoa and he is leaving for his mission to Sierra Leone

P-Day with the gang

P-Day:  The elders were excited because this lady was selling actual American soda and for normal prices - apparently that doesn't happen very often!

More P-Day pics - the Elders liked this wall and thought it would make a cool background

Elder Ray and Elder Bay pulling a prank on Elder Smith

These are Elder Ray's army of little boys that do whatever he asks of them

These are the boys burning the weeds in the Elder's yard - they clean the yard so they can play soccer in their yard.

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