Monday, June 3, 2013

Dart board - June 3, 2013

Dear Mom,
Last week Me, Moyer, Smith, and Thomas went for FHE at a couple’s house that stay in my area. This family is sweet and have done very well in life so far. The man is named D.A. and he is a mechanical engineer who works for some big oil company and travels the world. His wife E. went to school in the UK and loves to feed us awesome food. They have a 3 month year old girl and Daniels mother stays at the house with them. We had a really nice FHE with them on all of our favorite scriptures then we ate and after words played a game of darts. Now this really spiked my interest in the game as I got better and better and learned how to actually play. After we left the house me and Smith talked to the Office Elders about picking us up a dart board from the Accra mall that way we could have one for the apartment. Tuesday- The four of us took a 1 1/2 ride in a Tro-tro to a place called Bodrwezie which is north of Kasoa in a more "bushy" area. Both companionship's went because we were contacting a referral up there and were confused on where he stayed. Normally we could have just gone on splits but with two "greenies" it was better we both went. We found the man who wanted us to give his wife a blessing. She had some undiagnosed disease in the brain( I think) which made her totally unresponsive and walking around with no purpose. We gave her a priesthood blessing and the man thanked us and said he would come to church. He called a few days later and said she looked good, but he didn't show for church. :/   Went home and made it just in time for Bro Larbies house. Every week he feeds us, which is really hard for him because he has had a really rough time in the past couple of years. He says though it is very important he gets the blessing of helping the missionaries. He also gave us two referrals! This guy is really an amazing person. He has 2 girls one is 4 or 5 and the other is about about  1 1/2. His wife died from cancer almost a year ago and he has really been struggling to raise the girls. His sister-in-law has been raising the youngest girl at her home and a young girl from the stake works full time at his house caring for things there while he goes to work. Plus he works every Thursday at the temple( which is far way) and he was just released as the 1st counselor to get moved in as Stake family historian. If anyone here in Kasoa is keeping the place going it’s this guy and me and him have really formed a strong friendship. I'll miss him when I leave this area. Wednesday- was a pretty normal day other then it rained and made tracking difficult. We were able to see a few people and talked to a couple of recent converts. Went home and got clothes ready for Zone conference the next day. Thursday- Left around 6 a.m. to get to the temple site. Well we got there a little late and that was embarrassing. But we got some good instruction and president did the closest thing to a big farewell as he could. If I do end up in the other mission I'll be very sad because I'll miss President Judd. He is a very great man. After the meeting I met up with some good friends and picked up 2 packages from the OE along with my dart board! oh yeah. On the way home we stopped and ate at a place called Eddy's pizza. E. Smith said he has not seen a more American restaurant in Ghana then that place and he has seen some places. It was an amazing way to celebrate mine & Bay's 6 month mark. I had a buffalo chicken pizza with a sprite. When we finally got home it was late but not late enough to install the dart board! :)  Friday- We did a little work and then got went to Bro Larbies helping make dinner-it was fun but took up a lot of the day. Saturday- Unfortunately Elder Moyer got sick and I had to stay in the house. Luckily Elder Bay came home and we left on splits though most of them got rained out. As you can tell it has been a very rainy week. Sunday- I taught Gospel Principles class or as we call it investigators class. Went to the washing machine lady's house for a FM and she told us we could have the machine back! Yeah now we have to find a way to get that thing back home. Today we have and intense rain storms so bad I almost didn't think I would be able to leave the house. Me and Moyer got trapped on an island under a little shop’s roof and surprisingly some young white girl came to hide there not long after. It’s not normal to see other white people, especially young white girls. Anyway that was my fun week here in Ghana.
    Hopefully the rain will stay though because as long as it’s here the heat stays away! Love you and I'm alright so don't worry about me.
   Elder Steven T. Ray

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