Monday, June 24, 2013

In the new mission - June 24, 2013

Dear Mom & Family,
  I have to apologize again for last week! Things got so crazy I was just barely able to write a small email to President. Though I can't say you missed out on too much. I really can't recall anything big happening either. But this week I have some fun news to talk about.
   Monday- Crazy day of traveling to Accra to meet Elder Hurley & Elder Hutchinson at a place called Circle. It’s a big round about that is lined with tons of markets selling all sorts of goods and food. Mostly stolen electronics and rip offs of American brands such as headphone, I pads, and X-boxes. We went and ate at a very nice pizza restaurant; it was kinda a sad reunion because we probably won't see each other anymore until we get home.
   Tuesday- Went through the normal routine of District meeting. Rode out far to see a couple different referrals that were somehow serious. Ate a nice meal at a member’s house and when I was washing my hands in the water I saw what looked like a worm. A little clear floating line, anyways I threw it out and washed my hands really good after that.
   Wednesday- Was nearly a copy of Tuesday was we went out to see a few more people, then went into our normal teaching routines and saw a couple people. Nothing big except the Office Elders came by in the morning and I got a couple pieces of mail then we played a small game of darts with them.
   Thursday- We found a man selling some cool African beads and jewelry and had him stop by the house. I got a few different items and can't wait to bring them home. Later in the evening we went to teach a members wife. The family is really nice and hopefully we can baptize the wife because her husband wants to take her to the temple. She is a little stubborn because she likes her old church, might take a little time with this one.
  Friday- Was actually a very successful day.We did some really good finding and contacting. As we were out tracking we met a journalist for the big Ghana television network. He was a very humble man and invited us in to teach him and by the end of the lesson accepted a baptismal date. It was a very wonderful spiritual experience and I hope he will follow through with it. Then went to Br. Larbie’s for the evening and taught another lesson.
  Saturday- This was our big big day. Elder Bay had planned a party that he usually does back home with his brothers, but this year he decided to do it here in Ghana. He dropped a ton of money on it and bought tons of food. It was all for members and recent converts to come and enjoy, plus to meet each other. I was the main BBQ man and cooked tons of hot dogs as the party is called Ween-o-rama. Well the party was a success and everyone enjoyed themselves. Also earlier that day the boys who come over to our house every Saturday built a jungle type hunt in our yard. Just using old pieces of wood and palm tree branches we helped build a really nice Tiki fort.
   Sunday- We didn't have a lot of investigators except for a family that really loves the church( I am hoping to baptize them next month.) We were also going to have a baptism but the two girls but they had some concerns at the last minute and we put them off until this Saturday. After Church we went to a members house to eat and concluded the day at Emanuel's( my recent convert) house for dinner. He is way cool and I am very proud of how he has been growing in the church.
So that has been my week, the rain hasn't come back for a while and it has been very very hot. I got news today that I will be in the new mission and we have split my area( Bad idea) and will get 2 new missionaries here. It also looks like we might become our own district and I'll be the Leader (still waiting for president to call and confirm that.) I'll be getting Elder Lilio or something like that. I don't know anything about him except maybe he is from the Ivory Coast. I'm excited about that but not about staying in Ash-town or Kasoa. Maybe it is all for a reason but know that I will give it my best effort!
Anyways I love you and all the family and in case I forgot to mention it tell Dad I wished him a Happy Fathers day/ Love you guys.

  Lots of Love,
  Elder Taylor Ray

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