Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Highs and Lows - June 10, 2013

Dear Mom,
 This Week has really not been a fun week or a horrible week. Nothing much happened to make it one way or the other. Even looking in my journal, yes I am now doing my best to keep a daily journal. I do still have to go back every now and then to fill out an entire week but it’s getting better. Anyhow I don't know what’s happened or hasn't happened to cause such a dark spot. Maybe I'll sum it all up really quick.
Tuesday- Filled up our gas tanks and went out teaching for most of the day. We also found out we could come get our washing machine back, though the women wasn't there. Headed to Bro Larbies( which we do every Tuesday) and me and my companion taught a FHE to them. He then fed us as always.
Wednesday- Got a few things done around the house as we waited for the office elders to bring us supplies. Then we had them help us go pick up the washing machine. We finally got it back. Before they left we started to smell a burning in the van. The thing would not speed up though the engine seemed to be working. I don't know how everyone sensed I was the son of a mechanic but they all turned to me to fix it. I figured it was the transmission (IDK) so they are taking it to a mechanic.
 Thursday- Met with some recent converts and less actives. These are lessons we have been stressed to have more of. President Monson also has stressed it with his "To the Rescue" talks. The only problem with these is they don't produce baptisms, or I thought until these people become more warm and friendly and give you referrals.
Friday- Another slow day with both big down pours and then sudden burning sun, then back to rain. Stopped by Larbies for a lesson and he referred us to a family in that area. Rough day and made me depressed, though some good should come from that referral. 
Saturday- Took Elder E. and B. to the market to pick a few items for Sunday. Somehow Elder M. thought we had said we were getting shots instead of shorts. It was kinda funny to see him when he realized what we were really doing. The rest of the day was filled with failed appointments until a man I met on a tro-tro earlier in the week called and invited us to come over. He lived way far in the country or bush. Really cool and fed us a ton or "my home country food" which turned out to be rice.
Sunday- Church and all the fun it brings. I like the people in my ward and I'll miss them, but I just wish they would help a lot more. Except Larbie, he is still the best. My recent convert Emmanuel invited the whole district to his house so we spent the rest of the night eating and laughing there. Rained on us when we went home.
Monday or today- We got up early or early for a P-day haha. Cleaned and made breakfast in a hurry because we wanted to hit the beach as soon as possible. Got there around 11 am and had some fun enjoying the view and talking with some people there. This white guy was trying to do flips and Elder B. went and embarrassed him in front of his sun tanning girlfriends, by showing him how to flips like a boss. haha had some good Italian food while we were there.
  So I guess there was some fun in the week, but for the most of it, it was just another week here in the mission field. Kind of a depressing on, but there is always the hope of tomorrow. And it does look like it will be a brighter day, even though we will probably have rain haha. President Judd always says there is a Fall and Atonement for every day. The bad low part and the part where it is fixed. I think it’s up to us to qualify for the good part, just as we have to put in an effort for the full blessings of the atonement. Well thanks for your prayers and wishes, they help me every day and night. Talk to you next week. :)
With much affection,
Elder Steven Taylor Ray

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