Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day - May 13, 2013

Since Elder Ray doesn't send many pictures we took some while we were skyping!  He looks great! We were very happy that he looks so healthy and very happy :)
So there is no email from Elder Ray today because we got to skype instead!!  Can I just say how very thankful our family is for technology.  I am amazed at how clear our call was and it only dropped us once and we were able to get back on. Elder Ray was happy and loving life and seemed very excited to  be serving in Ghana.  He isn't sure if he will be in the new mission or old.  He loves Pres. Judd and would love to stay with him but he is willing to go wherever they need him.  I was worried that I would be sad when we were done talking but I just felt very relieved and really just incredibly blessed that my son is serving the Lord.

This is Elder Ray with a ward member who recently returned from his mission in October and let him use his laptop so he could skype - so thankful for members!

Waving good-bye!!!
This is from a baptism that they had after church on Mother's Day- what a great day for the Church in Ghana!

I know 2 of these young men are brothers but I am not sure about the others.


  1. Threen of them are brothers, from the left infront is Isaac, next to him is Ebenezer and infront of Ebenezer is Emmanuel, they are twins. Love them!!

  2. Thanks Joseph - I knew some were your brothers but I wasn't sure which ones!