Monday, May 20, 2013

Armies of Elder Ray- May 20, 2013

Dear Mom,
I guess I was a really lucky person because I heard a lot of kids who tried skype had problems either with the sound or with the video. Luckily we were able to have both work! I was a bit worried there might be some homesickness but so far I have been just fine and haven't felt the slightest bit of homesickness yet. I think because of skype it makes things not seem so far away and distant.
  Well Transfers went like these: Draniikamate was transferred far away in Oda( it’s very remote.) I will miss that kid a lot and one day I hope to see him again. In his place we got a brand new missionary, Elder Thomas. He is from New Mexico and a freckin awesome kid as well. He played football at a school a little bigger then Manti and likes to do outdoor adventures. We are planning some expeditions already for when we return home. Elder Ewudize went home to Cape Coast and in his place Elder Bay got a new senior named Elder Egege from Nigeria. He is pretty cool, but stays by himself. The apartment has gotten a lot quieter without Ewudize blasting his music and yelling about going home as well as I don't have my partner in crime Drani to help set pranks in the house. I'm thinking just give it time and things will return to normal.
  Our meter box spoiled on our house so we haven't had light or power since Friday. Yea it seems like whatever house I go to ends up having this problem. So Saturday night we all slept on the roof( except Moyer and Egege stayed in.) At about 2:30 in the morning we woke to not only some very frightening thunder and intense lightning but a man who walks the road near our house at that time yelling, HOLY GHOST FIRE! We are not sure why he does it or why he chose that time and place but its been getting really annoying these past few nights. We found some water balloons and if he comes tonight he is getting a lesson on the baptism of water before fire. Another fun story that happened with our light off problem came on Saturday we waited all morning for an electrician to come. As we all sat around the house not really wanting to go out, a group of boys showed up on our porch and said they were from the local ward and had just finished with a meeting in the chapel next door. They wanted me to give them water and I told them not now( we had none at the time and we don't take free loaders.) They swept a little as I was saying this so I had revelation. I told them to sweep our whole porch and pick up garbage from the yard and then I'd bring them water. They did all this plus find our many cutlasses and began to trim our trees and weeds. The started doing the whole house( which is huge) and I brought them water because I was very happy with the work. Then they found a snake and chased it into our coconut tree. While the kid climbed it looking for the snake he trimmed out dead branches and knocked us down some coconuts, which I gave to the group of boys for their efforts. The leader/less active boys’( we found by talking to him) name was Michael. I got him talking about crocodile ponds and he said he would show us after stake conference the next day. Cool - we were getting chores done at the house, activating a less active, getting coconuts, and finding crocodiles. Stake conference the next day was pretty fun and in the morning Michael come over before it started to tell us he brought clothes to find crocodiles in. The meetings went well. Got to see My Friend Elder Smeltzer from Georgia and during the prayer we learned Thomas S Monson's wife had passed away. We were kinda sad about that but nothing a little croc hunt wouldn't fix. We got to the house to find Michael had brought even more friends over. We were really hungry and still had no water or electricity. So we made a shopping list and gave it and 17 GCHs to the small boys( because in Ghana small children are taught to do whatever an elder(age) tells them to do.) they did this and we made a big noodle/egg/pepper/chicken/cabbage/ onion hash. IT was really good and makes me hungry to think about it. The Boys were renamed the Armies of Elder Ray and they continued cutting our dead weeds and cleaning trash up. The next thing I knew they had found matches and had lit a massive bonfire in the front yard( yeah my kids.) They had also found our Book of Mormon stories book and were reading it out loud to each other, mind you not all were LDS, but I can happily report that they all left that night knowing Joseph Smith was a Prophet, I think I may count that as a lesson – haha. Before they had left more kids had joined and I believe there were 9 total. They all address me as Papa or Ray or Kemosabie( I can't let that one die.) Well they will be back again to take us hunting and move a huge pile of dirt for my landscaping project.
  So it’s been an awesome week once again in Kasoa and we are having some great times whether it be teaching or chasing kids off our bikes in the front yard. Anyway I can't wait to hear how graduation goes and the Eagle court of honor. Tell them I all send my greetings and would love to hear from them. Have a great week and enjoy Memorial Day weekend!
   Elder Steven Taylor Ray :)

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