Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 9, 2012

This is Taylor's email from Sunday December 9, 2012.  We are a little spoiled because while he is in the MTC he can email on Sunday and Wednesday but he only has about 30 minutes on the computer.

Well the heat is getting not so much better, but at least some what unnoticeable.....no what its still terrible and almost feels hotter these last couple of days, but I'm getting stronger so yeah it can bring it on haha :) Ok the scripture I want to use is 1 Cor. 14:8, its a pretty good one, its not my true grit one, but I figured you"d have no problem with that :P
   I'm actually understanding the kids and teachers a little better here. everything they say is like a fast mumble and you only need to catch keywords and their facial expression. The MTC here is torture with a dash of seminary. Don't get me wrong The teachers and kids a fine and MTC president is extremely nice (reminds me of Bishop Scott a lot) But we are stuck inside this building all day with just a little time to go out a play soccer yaa! The food is not bad and really ok, just really spicy and we eat the same thing day after day. I'm finally over jet lag, but a few boys like to stay up late and makes it hard to sleep. Luckily my roommates are good with the curfew. My comp is a native from Cape Coast named Elder M (luckily he had an easy last name)and we get along fine. We have a lot of differences but I can make it work. He can be hard to understand at times though.
   Sounds like everything is going fine back how and the kids are alright(who song reference :)) I think I have gotten all your emails and it should get more easy here once I'm out of the MTC and have more time to compose. Did you get mine where I asked for some pictures of you guys...family and what not too. I don"t have anything like that. Oh and could you send me the lyrics of "Come thou fount of every Blessing" they don't know that song here and Its always stuck in my head( so is Let My Love Open the Door by Pete Thownshed but you don't need to send me that :) I don"t have a lot of peoples emails, just home address so if you See Tyler or you know friends tell them to send me an email so I have there address to include in updates and other family members too :) Well take care, tell everyone I love them and I'm holding strong out here in the last frontier (ok so maybe not star trek, but I"ll have to tell you about my star trek experience in the next email)
  ~Love Elder Ray~

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