Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 12, 2012


I would love some earplugs right now. I'm really wishing I would have brought a MP3 player with the church music now. I really miss listening to any sort of music and everyone seems to have one here...with earphones!?! Maybe next year for Christmas or my birthday you could send me one :) So I just got back from the temple. It was beautiful, very lovely building stuck in the middle of the city- which makes the temple really stand out amongst the other not so nice buildings around it. Some of these names I have had to do baptisms for I had no hope in a million years of pronouncing right (haha) not even other Africans could!
   So are you posting everything I say to a blog? Cause a few kids have told me they've been following me, I'm just worried now about what I say-not really :) I wish I had some crazy adventures to tell you, but nothing really amazing takes place here that would dazzle anyone. Just a lot of spiritual growing and bonding with these other boys here. So did I tell you there are 3 other boys (Elder Conners, Ujaifusa, and an Elder Bay) here from Utah, all Salt Lake area. Yeah Elder Bay, that name with mine has created some funny moments (we switch our tags every now and then) Then a kid( Elder Hutchison) from just over the border in Idaho, a little place called Elba...I believe I knew where that was before coming here. Me and him are pretty good pals, also a good friend here is Elder Elliott from Missouri. Me, hutch, and him are all super tight. Then Elder Evans, also way cool, is from Las Vegas, together we make up the Americans! Besides Elder Honor from the UK, 2 boys from New Zealand and a kid from Samoa, plus one from Fiji. Everyone is from either Nigeria or Ghana and places close by.
  Thanks for sending the pictures, I can't print them but it was nice to see them.  I really enjoy getting these emails from you and my sisters (still haven’t heard from Kiki :)) and the one from Dad and Dad & Dalton, plus the ones from friends. It is something to look forward to during the week. Keep working on the house, maybe when I get home the kitchen, bathroom, my room and everything else will be done! haha then I don't have to do it :) or maybe just my truck should be finished right?
Nope nothing on Christmas yet and I believe that I leave here next Tuesday...I think? But I will find out all that later from President.
Yeah you can send me music like that- it still is something that can hold the spirit- even some instrumental song like the one from Legends of the Fall or True Grit would work at least that “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” :)  Anyway, yes I got those lyrics thank you very much, but now I have to get off, So until Sunday, I love you and all is well.
Love, Elder Ray

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