Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Flying Fortresses and Stake Conference - Sept 22, 2014

Hey All-

Now to explain those pictures I sent from last week. There is a less-active man we do a lot of service for here in the ward. Back in the days right after World War 2 he was sent to Berlin as a counter intelligence officer or in plainer words he was an American spy working in the spy capitol of the world during the cold war. He loves to tell us his adventures in his heavy Boston-German accent while he keeps us busy doing odd jobs for him.
      He donates time at the Lyon Airplane Museum which is adjacent to the John Wayne airport (if you step out the back door of the museum you are on the tarmac.) So last Monday he took us for free on a tour of the museum just to say thanks and because he likes us. It was great despite the museum being in a really hot hanger! We saw everything from a Flying Fortress to Steve McQueen’s motorcycle. They have a lot of planes and military vehicles (even one of Hitler’s parade cars) despite being a smaller museum.
   Transfers came and were interesting. We did them in a stake center were the mission office is. Elder Mackey got promoted to be an assistant to president and a trainer. Me and Thayer became companions (surprise) and we got Elder King who is from Chicago and has been out for 3 months. He is a funny guy and we learned to trust him after a couple good natured pranks like telling him one member was actually an investigator who wouldn't baptize until his "best friend" Henry got baptized too. Well when he met Henry it was actually the family’s dog with a white shirt and tie on. We all laughed at that.
    Stake conference was this last weekend as well and it was probably the best one I have been too in 2 years. Sister Ketley in the ward is the stake choir director and made all the missionaries in the ward perform as well. It was fun but I'm just glad there were others who could sing (I just add filler noise.) During Sunday morning we were warming up and Elder Schoessow’s mom stop by to say hi and drop off a "care package" or two which was a cooler full of lots of different goodies. She was really nice and expressed her thanks for serving with her son. We talked a little bit then she had to go. I hope I get to meet their family again soon.
  Well that's all for now, I have to get going so I can stop by salvation army and get some new slacks ( I got a bit of bleach on these ones) plus there is shopping to do, but thanks to your birthday package you sent me and the Schoessows I'm set with food. Thank you all so very much and I love you just the same as ever.
Elder Ray 
Newport Zone and the bomb

Squirrel outside his apartment

Elder Ray said that ever since he fed him some oreos he has been going NUTS! Hmmmm maybe this is why we don't "feed the animals"

Ward Mission Leader and Pizza!

Elder Ray and Sis Schoessow at the Stake Center - bringing Elder Ray a "care package" 

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