Monday, September 8, 2014

21 Years, 21 Months - Sept 8, 2014

I'd like to say thank you to everyone who remembered it was my birthday. It’s good to know that family & friends were still thinking about me. In swapping missions I don't think they got my info recorded and missed the birthday, but from the looks of the emails and announcements I get from the dissolved Freetown mission they also missed it.  
   No worries though the good Elders in the apartment remembered and soon a good amount of the zone. Also it was talked about in church and a good deal of members wished me well (and then asked if I'm trunky yet, it’s the popular thing to do to the missionaries- haha.) Saturday night a great member/recent convert tried taking us to an African restaurant for a B-day dinner, we arrived early and checked it out, my thoughts and feelings were probably like that of a Chinese man that comes to America and walks into Panda express "what is this crap?" I guess with a name like Mozambique and a few Africa pictures and price that matched the total capital of Senegal, I'm sure they felt they came close. So we went to a "Hawaiian" burger place and had a great night there. The member gave me a large Sierra Leone cookbook his wife got from a friend she once worked with who was a native to there. It was made even better considering it was a homemade book, so very unique.
     Sunday was a great day at Church. I love the members here more and more each week. A few investigators came and even a less active who we have been working with has now come twice in row. He is my favorite because he believes a lot of conspiracy and tells his life story each time we meet him, great guy though. After Church we had a successful time contacting on the streets before we went to a "birthday dinner." One large family in the ward throws a huge dinner once a month so they can celebrate all the grandchildren’s b-days in that month too. We usually go but this one just happened to be my birthday.
  A got a new temple recommend, mine expired in August (I didn’t know that, wasn't worried in Sierra Leone) but we went on Sept 4th and I was stuck in the waiting room. President said I should have called him but I didn't think about that, I was a bit frustrated with the young man at the desk so I didn't bother. But now I'm good so maybe I'll get another chance soon to go back.
  It’s been a fun week full of a lot of different events such as Labor day moves (we did a lot of service that day) to playing on a rope swing at a members house before dinner there, to socializing and teaching members and investigators, and to top it all off I had a pretty good birthday as well. Thanks for sending an entire pantry worth of food, it was a big surprise to everyone in the apartment as to what was in such a heavy box. I enjoyed it all and will see if the other package came, I also ordered a new pin on tag, Elder Bay still has mine somewhere in Africa. That’s all for now, oh Je t'amie encore. I miss my French companion. ;)

    Elder Ray

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