Monday, September 29, 2014

Droppin' BOMs - Sept 29, 2014

The past week the Newport Zone had a focus of "droppin BOM's" or Book of Mormon (though the proper word usage is copies of the Book of Mormon, but that's just an office thing.) As President Benson taught us "to flood the earth with the Book of Mormon" and we as a zone were able to do just that with nearly a hundred placed around Newport and Costa Mesa. Most of my teaching appointments were on the Book of Mormon and its role in the restoration.
   One of my investigators we are teaching is from Czechoslovakia and referred herself to the Church. She was interested in the BOM and loved it as we helped her understand its origin. A couple members who we stopped by either had a friend they wanted to give a BOM to or took the challenge to find someone.
   Mid-week all the Irvine missionaries met at the mission office/stake center to watch "Meet the Mormons" the new full length movie produced by the Church. I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking it was going to be a 90min long Mormon message but instead it was one of the most spiritual movie films I have seen in the past 2 years. I found it very entertaining and also rather funny. The Candy Bombers’ story about the children in bombed-out Berlin made a lot of us cry a bit. I highly recommend the film to you all to go and watch it.
   The biggest event though was on Saturday morning with a multi-block yard sale. Many members and some less active were in it and had asked for help in setting up so we got there early and did our parts. Then we walked around looking at what was out. We contacted 20 different people, gave out a BOM, taught a lesson, and got a new investigator! Plus people were happy to see us and give out some free clothing. One elder even was able to get a nice guitar (a very coveted item in the mission field.) all and all it was a super fun time with members and all the positive feedback we got from the folks we met.    Another highlight of the week was the dinner appointments and stop-bys we have had with members. Friday night we went to a lovely family who had 2 young girls. While we waited for the last preparations for dinner we played Mormon Pictionary on a whiteboard, but I couldn't help notice all the Frozen toys and what-not around the house. So after we finished eating the 2 girls and I went to work drawing Elsa - they also sang us all the songs from memory (we added the parts we knew.) Sunday night we had a fun dinner with a family where the father is a puppeteer at Carsland and chatted about all the Disneyland conspiracy and the Pixar movies as well. Also had breakfast with a family during the yard sale and then lunch after church the next day, they are a super funny family whose son is on his mission right now  It was a great time spent enjoying our members here in Newport beach 2nd ward.
That's my week and it’s just getting better every day...
Elder Ray
Elder M (from Elder Ray's hometown) came for exchanges

Elder Ray, Elder M, and Elder T

Elder Ray and those sweet girls who LOVE Frozen!

Elder Ray's art skills come in handy for his Disney-lovin' family

Elders doing their "Elsa" pose - what good sports!

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